The Grave: Chapter Update

Hello Dear Readers…

I hope all of you are doing well and holding up as best as you can in these trying times. One side effect of constantly being on edge is that my anxiety is coming out in the form of chapters for my ongoing stories. But I wish for the world to get better soon and find it’s way through the sickness going around.

About the update – This chapter is an introduction of the Ancient Pythoness in the story, and her first interaction with Sookie. It is a little short but I conducted thorough research into the things I wrote about Greek mythology and the site of the Ancient Temple of Apollo. Let me know if I got something wrong and I will be eternally grateful 🙂 I am going to treat The Ancient Pythoness’s story arc with respect and try not to relegate her to a token character. To make it so, I welcome comments and suggestions…

Click the link to get to the chapter- Chapter 6

So I was thinking…

It’s been really long since I posted something here. I’d like to tell myself that I was completely grossed out from the true-dud end of True Blood and couldn’t write anything worthwhile for a while. But I know thats not completely true.

I can also say that I didn’t get the time to sit still and write something. But you already know that’s another excuse.

I could say I hit the proverbial wall!

a wall-gif


All I can say now, is that I’ll stop looking for excuses and just be regular and responsible about updating my stories in the future. You know, crazy stuff about me not being lazy or unoriginal or disciplined about writing?


Truth is, I am lazy, unoriginal and completely lack discipline. So it’s a small wonder for me when I do come up with something to post (some positive reinforcement from VictoryInTrouble helped). Like this chapter from Heaven and Hell house of pleasures that took an entirely inappropriate amount of time to complete.

That being said, I wish to thank and cheer my favorite ff writers who dish out stories like pancakes on a sunday. I am in complete awe of you guys and can only hope to get there one day, someday.


Sorry I couldn’t help the above gif  😀

So here ya go….The next chapter from Heaven and Hell house of pleasures…I should warn you that it is not completely rosy. But do let me know your thoughts on this piece.


PS: On a completely different note, I just saw this article that they were making Zoolander part 2. Wonder if there’d be Meekus in it again. Although I am sure he pretty much died in the previous movie, but a girl can hope :)…Imagine Alex as the goof Meekus in a green shirt and much too gold hair… 🙂 🙂

Have a good one people 🙂