Chapter 03: Girls Night Out

Sookie’s POV

The phone was ringing somewhere. I tried to look around but my eyes stung from the bright light in the bedroom and I immediately closed them again. The phone stopped ringing. I could tell by the amount of light in the room that it was well around noon.

Wow! I didn’t realize I slept off the whole morning! Why didn’t Alcide wake me up for breakfast?

I looked around on the other side of the bed and it appeared to have not been slept in.

Did he sleep in the other room? Did he even come back last night? I am sure he spent the night with those skanky she-wolves. If he were home he would have woken me up to cook breakfast. Sometimes it seems that’s all I am worth! Welcome to the grumbling couples club Sookie! Right now you sound like a fifty year old married woman!

Thus grumbling, I made my way to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water. Ahhh that felt good…Thank God for small pleasures!

I brushed my teeth and then decided to take a long, unhurried shower. Halfway through the shower, I felt fully awake and finally my mind woke up to the world. It was then that I thought about checking my phone to see if Alcide had left a message about his whereabouts. What if it was Alcide on the phone when I was sleeping? How many times could he have called when I was sleeping?

Groan! He is going to go on forever for ignoring his calls again! I better go check out to spare me another argument. There goes my unhurried shower…

I turned off the water and quickly dried myself. I wrapped my hair hurriedly in a towel and wrapped another one around my body. I found the phone in the entangled covers and checked the screen.

Five missed calls, four from Alcide and one from Tara, five voice mails, again four from Alcide and one from Tara and ten text messages, all from Alcide…

Groan number two! That’s bad! Can’t shit wait for the evening to happen?

For the peace of my mind, I decided to listen to Tara’s voicemail first.

Hey girl whats up! Listen we need some serious female time. We haven’t had that in forever. So here’s the plan…Jess, Laf and me are going shopping tonight for that New Orleans shindig next week and girl you need to come with us. Ain’t no excuse for a girl to miss shopping! Call me…

I had to smile. This was just the kind of outing I needed.

I went through the rest of the messages. As expected, Alcide’s messages weren’t anything new. Going on business with pack master, getting late, still running late, will be there early in the morning to grab a change of clothes, then a whole slew of still sleeping remarks.

Phewww! At least one of us has been busy today.

However for the sake of my coming girl’s night later this evening, I refuse to feel daunted and stomp towards to kitchen to get something to eat. Today being Saturday, I am not working and I can catch some much deserved sun. I sure can’t remember when I had a good tan last. Well that won’t do now would it. So breakfast first and then off to the yard.

In the kitchen, I found a note from Alcide on the breakfast bar.

‘Leaving for some pack business.’

What? That’s it? A due payment reminder from the county department is warmer than that! Well fine then! Do your pack business and I’ll get on with my human business and toast in the sun…

So I refuse to let my boyfriend’s lack of words and lack of presence ruin my mood and head out in the open porch with a sandwich, a glass of ice tea and a romance novel.

Yeah! Thank God indeed for small pleasures…

Great grandfather Niall told me last week that I needed to be ready for an upcoming four day formal event in New Orleans. He also told me that it was supe business and that I needed to be with him to represent the fae. I hadn’t known that the only remaining fae or part fae in the state were great granddad, me, if I could be called one and Adilyne Bellefleur. Realizing that Warlow killed all the other fairies, and that it was I that pointed him towards the fairy club, jolted my conscience. There had been so many of us. So many that shared my quirks. And now all of them were gone, all because I had been so damn hasty in trusting a stranger and helping him out. I wish I hadn’t known about them. I wish they hadn’t welcomed me to their home, as their family, as one of them. I wish I could have done right by them. And I sure wish trouble did not follow me anywhere I went. Was any of it worth anything? Everything that happened last year. Was anything worthwhile? Was I worthwhile?

I stopped musing at that question because I did not know how to answer it. I couldn’t even think around it. So I put it on the ever growing list of things to think through and make sense of later, in my mind. God only knows when I’ll get to the first item on the list because right now, I couldn’t even speak his name to myself. Was that cowardly?

I spent my off day, all alone with my thoughts. But I didn’t call Alcide. No, I needed to face this alone and do it fast. This shell of a girl that I saw in the mirror every day was not someone I wanted to become. She was confused and a coward. I didn’t like her.


Alcide came back in time for lunch. Having spent the day lounging and sunning myself, I was in a really good mood and cheerily waved at him from my lounge chair. He growled when he saw my red bikini.

“Hey howz my girl?”

He came up quickly and gave me a peck on my lips before sitting down on the edge of the chair.

“Well it sure is a beautiful day. I couldn’t let it waste now could I. C’mon I marinated some chicken. I’ll cook us lunch.”

He smiled appreciatively “Sounds good. I’ll go take a shower.” he stood up to go inside.

“Ok…” He was already at the front door, “Meet you in the kitchen!” I called after him, took a deep breath promising myself that I won’t have a fight today and headed inside.


Tara was excited about this new dress store in Shreveport, Diantha’s, which catered to supes and was open till two in the morning. That was our first stop. From the outside it looked, what do I say, cozy? It was not big, it was not small. There was a glass door, but there was a nice yellow blind drawn on it from the inside. The name was written in bold purple letters. The windows were covered with a huge blown up picture of a group of beautiful women dressed in pixies and fairies. It certainly looked something not ordinary. Certainly not some place I’d usually go to. But great granddaddy Niall wished me to look magnificent for the event and curiously handed me a credit card to shop for whatever I would need. I didn’t want to spend too much but I did want to look pretty. So here we were, Tara, Jess, Laf and me.

We were greeted by this small pixie of a woman who spoke faster than she walked. She was wearing a hot pink tank dress, yellow and purple striped leggings, bubblegum pink pumps and big gold hoops. The outfit was a little on the eccentric side but her face somehow made everything fall in place. That and her bright smile.

“WelcometoDiantha’s” she beamed at us. “IamDiantha…WhatcanIgetcha…” Her good mood was infectious.

“Diantha sugah, these ladies here all need some serious sexing up. Can you help us out?”

“Lafayette!” I roll my eyes. “Hey honey. We all are attending a formal four day event and need a couple of things for that.”




“Actually yes. How do you know?”


“Oh! Ok, so you have to help us out.”

And help she does. Despite her own eccentric outfit, there are a lot of elegant dresses to choose from too. For the next four hours, we forgot about everything and have one hell of a blast. Serious shopping apart, we got into skanky dresses and made fun of each other. We tried out dresses fit for a queen’s ball and mock waltzed around the floor. We tried out matching outfits and took pictures, tumbling and giggling over each other. If I forgot that Tara and Jess were vampires, I almost got back to the good old days of happy ignorance. It was really therapeutic. After a long time, I felt a little normal. I felt like not having a care in the world. I felt me.

So, along with a spectacular evening gown, two cocktail dresses and three silk blouses, I also bought a pristine white cotton sundress, with little pink embroidered cherry blossoms all over it. It felt special.

Then I bought a few pieces of lingerie to go with the dresses. I may have gone a little overboard but what the hell. I could not remember the last time I actually shopped for something remotely approaching luxury. Our next stop was for shoes and evening clutches to go with our evening gowns. It got really out of hand.

By the time I got home at three in the morning, I was walking like a zombie and smiling like a loon. This trip had been just lovely and something told me this trip to New Orleans was going to be something special too.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Girls Night Out

  1. Liking that Sookie is trying to learn from her mistakes!! After Bill, Warlow was an awful move…Sookie went shopping and enjoyed herself…


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