Chapter 02: Edicts

Bill Compton sat brooding in his empty mansion. His progeny Jessica had decided to spend the night with Tara. Right now, he had the company of the house and a bland bag of donor blood. Live donors were easy to come by but he wasn’t about to invite anyone for a session tonight. Not when Sookie Stackhouse was so fresh in his mind’s eye. If only that mongrel was not with her…

He could have taken her by force. He could have taken her far from this dump town. He could have turned her and kept her tied to him. He could have just drained her and washed her out of his system, because Sookie Stackhouse had become a disease to his system and he could not get her out of his head. Even if he was not the all-powerful Billith, he could have still easily out maneuvered that lowly were and no one in the Shreveport wolf pack would stand against it. Everything within his grasp, but for that fucking edict. Why had the sheriff issued the edict to all vampires in her area to stay away from Sookie Stackhouse? Thalia didn’t know Sookie. Thalia had never met Sookie. In fact Thalia did not give a shit for any human, part fairy or no. Why the edict then?

And what the hell is going on in New Orleans?

He knew that after the authority debacle and then the run in with the human governments, there had been a number of internal management changes in the vampire world. His claim to the seat of king had been overruled six months ago when the new authority and seat of power was established. He was lucky that as yet, there were no summons for a trial on him, considering he had killed a whole lot of chancellors in the previous Vampire Authority. They were probably still setting up rules and ownerships. The supernatural Council of elders was now creating everything from ground up in the state. A complete new structure, unknown to the humans, which was all powerful and all encompassing. They had even hurried the publishing of his book on vampires, to give the humans a sense of security. Were the humans really secure in the new regime? He didn’t know…

All vampires knew that a new authority was in place. They just got messages on new rules and edicts and no one knew the location of their headquarters for now. The sheriffs did not expose themselves to the human population of their areas and the vampires were sworn to secrecy on their meeting locations. All vampires in each area needed to check in with their sheriffs once a week. All complaints and requests were to be put in writing and dropped off with the sheriff’s assistants, from where the cases would be segregated and then dates for case hearings would be communicated. The casual days of fun and disregard of authority for vampires was pretty much over.

The new regime was being extra cautious after last year’s events.

Then there was the issue of half infected rogue vampires. They had ended up this way after the supe council used its best witches and demons to work on some powerful magic to outdo the bad effects of the tainted True Blood. The magic had saved the vampires but they did not return to being their previous selves. They now walked in a daze, always hungry for blood and showed little signs of intelligence to follow orders. The rogues were being rounded up discreetly and something was being done on them. Again, not many knew what exactly the new authority was doing with these infected wanderers.

Bill chaffed at his lack of know how in the new power structure. He had been in on the inner works with Sophie Ann, with Nan, and then he had been a law unto himself after he eviscerated the vampire authority and claimed to be God. Now he had again been relegated to being the young powerless vampire, left to his own devices, without a clue on what was going to happen.

After the heady feeling Lilith’s blood gave him, this new state was crippling at best. Bill felt weak, vulnerable and constantly at risk. Each night he rose with dread in his heart that he would be summoned by the new powers for blatantly breaking every vampire rule he could last year. The misery of his situation was that he didn’t even know what powers they were. He didn’t know who he was pitted against. He just knew that Thalia was the new sheriff of area 5 and there was a new power structure in New Orleans.

Orders and edicts came in bundles every night from this new regime. Every vampire was being kept on a very short leash and all of them were being counted, catalogued and accounted for. A whole lot of data was being collected on all other supernatural creatures too, with or without their cooperation or sometimes even without their knowledge. Pacts were being signed left and right. There was also some talk about an arrangement with the human government. The details were being kept under the wraps and something would be signed next week in some big ceremony in New Orleans. Every supernatural creature in the whole state of Louisiana and all important government officials from the neighboring states had been invited for the event. It was said that there would be a number of important announcements regarding the changed power structure. Jessica had mentioned that Sookie’s grandfather Niall Brigant had been graciously invited with his family, to represent the fae of the state. He was also supposed to take Sookie as part of his kin with the spark. Andie’s fairy daughter would join them too.

There goes keeping Sookie’s nature a secret in the supe world! If only I had a say in that!

No one knew who stood in power over Louisiana, yet. Maybe they would announce it in the upcoming event.

Whoever it was, was already controlling a lot concerning the supes of the area.

Whoever it was, really knew the inner workings and dealings of the state like the back of their hands and had squashed resistance before it even took shape.

Whoever it was, was covering all bases anyone could think about.

Try as he may, Bill could not fathom how the new powers knew so much about the state already. They even knew about Niall and Sookie and that Jason did not have the spark even if he was Niall’s kin.


I need to find out who rules now. There is no reason to waste away in this town. The only reason I was here in the first place was Sookie and she is miles away from me now. I cannot even come within a hundred yards of her if she does not want my protection. Fucking edicts!


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