Chapter 26: The M Word

Another unfinished story I am completing. I can’t apologize enough for leaving it for so long. But I hope my readers keep enjoying this story and how it ends. Cliff notes on what has happened in the previous couple chapters –

  • Mab and Hallow are mind controlling all of King Eric’s people.
  • Freyda is planning to wed Eric live on TV in a spectacle of the year. She has promised Niall and Sookie to Mab in return of the fairy queen’s help with subduing everyone.
  • Hallow has been promised free reign for her dark magic by Freyda, again in return to her help in subduing Eric and his people.
  • Niall wanted to take Sookie and run to safety. But Sookie escaped and is now trying to get to Eric, to free him of the zombie spell and get rid of the evil fairies, witches and vamp queen. To that affect, Sookie grabbed the ritual dagger from her suit in Eric’s New Orleans stronghold, the only weapon she could find, and is now tracking Eric.

Sookie’s POV

I searched for the gold thread of my bond with Eric and started running in the direction the pulse came from. I didn’t have to run far. The bond took me to a brightly lit hallway, closed off with serious looking metal doors at both ends, no doubt locked and guarded at the entrance sides. Whoever was in charge here, was not expecting people to teleport inside the hallway between the two locked doors.

Good for me. Shitty for them.

Three plain steel doors stood to my right, three to my left. My new-fangled tracker senses tingled. I knew Eric was behind door number two on the right, the one without any kind of knob or latch in sight. There was an electronic panel at it’s side though. I placed my hand on it and prayed to all that was holy that my all inclusive hall pass, thanks to my status as Eric’s bonded, was still working. The panel was quite for a second. A red light winked across the panel and line scanned across my hand. The panel turned from red to green and the door clicked open.

I pushed in and found Eric.

He sat with his head bowed down, tied to a chair in the center of the twenty by twenty white room, bare of everything but the chair. His restraints were chains, silver no doubt. The bolted down chair looked silver too. Whoever had tied him up was seriously scared of Eric because they had gone way overboard. Chains ran all around his naked torso. Separate sets of chains tied his forearms to the arms of the chair and his legs to the legs of the chair. Over everything, a thin silver net covered him from head to foot, with its edges nailed to the floor all around him.

I had to grind my teeth to keep myself from crying out loud.

Not in sorrow. I had relegated sorrow to somewhere deep where it won’t distract me from what I needed to do.

No. I wanted to cry out in rage.

I hadn’t known this kind of fury before. This all-consuming, heart hammering, seeing red around the edges fury that made me feel powerful and indestructible. Maybe I was channeling pissed off Eric. Or maybe, I was just that angry.

A blast of my light tore apart the silver net. I started on the chains, pulling each loop as clinically as was possible with trembling hands and sheared skin. There were so many loops. Arms, legs, chest, neck, on and on I went on, leaving deep burnt serrations wherever the chains had touched Eric’s skin. My hands became wet with his blood and slipped on the chains, taking more skin off my vampire. If I hadn’t been hopped up on my unlimited supply of righteous anger, I would’ve collapsed into a blubbering panicked mess right beside my lover’s chair. I thought about all the times in our fucked up past when I had to remove bloody silver chains from Eric’s body. I took heart in the fact that all those times the people who trussed Eric up had died painful deaths. The assholes who tied him up this time, would wish for a painful death when we were done with them. But I needed Eric up and at my side for that to happen. So I wiped my hands on my pants and kept uncoiling the hissing spitting chains off.

That gold dagger dug in my pocket as I knelt. Abandoning the remaining chains on Eric’s left leg, I took out the knife, cut my wrist and pressed the wound to his mouth. Blood flowed freely from the cut. I had counted to three when his fangs snicked out, cutting painfully into my skin. But I held on to his head with my other hand till he started sucking in earnest.

Little groans and moans and something rising in his pants told me that Eric was coming around.

“Oh look gramma…what big teeth you have there!” I whispered. “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.”

A growl reverberated in his huge chest, so deep that I thought it was coming from me. Eric grabbed me, one hand on my arm, the other snaked around my waist and brought me closer. It took me a moment to realize he had stopped feeding and was just clutching me, eyes closed, body shaking.


“Shhhh. Don’t wake me up from this dream.”


“You’re not dreaming you big luggin’ idiot. We’e in the middle of a raging clusterfuck. Wake up! I need you to wake up.”

He dropped my arm and cupped my cheek before finally, finally opening his eyes, right in my face. Talk about a full frontal attack.

He inhaled deep and exhaled.

“I am not dreaming.” He stated.


He forced my other hand, that was still clutching the gold dagger, up between us. His eyes twitched.

“Did you just use this to feed me?”

“Ummm… yes. I don’t have fangs to rip into my-”

“Of your own free will?” He cut me off. “You used that dagger of your own free will?”

“Yes.” I huffed, not understanding his fixation with that shiny but sharp knife.

Eric smiled, a slow, dangerous kind of smile that told me something was up. Something other than his happy parts.

“What are you smiling about? We need to move. Now.”

“Wait…” he purred. He fucking purred. And brought the dagger to his chest. He nicked his already bloody chest with the sharp edge and directed my mouth to the cut.

“Eric what-” His blood filled my mouth. Warm and metallic. I gulped a mouthful before prying my mouth away.


Eric’s mouth crashed on mine, blood and all. I was kissed. Thoroughly enough to forget the urgency of our situation for a couple seconds and participate with enthusiasm. We parted, panting, hot and bothered.

“Now my Sookie…we are ready to go thwart our enemies.”

In one mighty shove that may or may not have started a party in my lady parts, he heaved himself off the silver chair and the remaining chains in a sizzle of smoke and charred skin, skin that was already healing. His pants were hopeless though. We’d need to find some for him before we charged into battle with his bottom sticking out. We exited the room and Eric turned right. I tried keeping up but he blurred off.

“Eric! We need a plan! And you need pants” I whisper yelled.

Amped up on bravado shown only by the truly powerful or the truly insane (jury still out for what Eric was at the moment), he pulled off the locked door at the end of the small hallway, knob, hinges and all. By the time I got over my shock and hauled ass after Eric, three bleeding guards lay unconscious on the floor.

“We need to hurry before others look into the camera feed.”

Camera feed?

Why didn’t I ever think of these things?

Eric started stripping off the biggest guard and putting on his clothes.

“You good? Any injuries?” He asked.

“Nope. No injuries.” I reassured.

Eric nodded and held out his hand. I clasped his hand with my own. Instant relief enveloped me like a live thing. My body knew that as long as I was with this vampire, I was good. We started moving down some dark stairs.

“What do you know about my imprisonment?”

His words were outwardly calm. Inside, not so much. Eric was furious on the border of being deranged. I could get a feel of where his head was at, almost as if it were my own. He was feeding on his and my anger, exactly attuned to our surroundings, and plotting with a fierce focus. Plotting his enemies’ murders no doubt.

“It’s Freyda. I saw her with that fairy Queen Mab in the throne room. They did some kind of magic and everyone went under their spell, acting like freaking zombies. The magic felt dark Eric. It nearly brought me down but I fought with my shields.” I glanced at him, “Freyda exchanged blood with you.”

Eric hissed. I paused to force more words out of my mouth, still furious at that blood exchange.

“How the hell do I not remember this?”

“You were acting like a zombie too. I couldn’t reach you at all. It was as if there was a great big blackhole where our bond should be. Everyone was in a trance, watching but not actually seeing. Your eyes were glazed.”

“I fucking hate magic.” Eric growled.

I hid my sparkling hands behind my butt.

We approached a guard room with a huge glass windows on two sides, lit brightly.

“What are we doing here?” I whispered.

“We need the tape from the holding cell. And then disable a couple feeds. Wait here.” Eric whispered back and vamped off. The glass panels of the room suddenly got spattered red and I couldn’t really see what he was doing. I could guess though. More guards not having a good day. Strange that I was feeling no empathy for them whatsoever. Instead, I was feeling an eerily focused calm. Maybe I was channeling Eric.

The viking came back grinning and held up a baby sized CD.

“Proof of events.” he declared like an MC, “Now, you say Freyda exchanged blood with me?”

“Yes.” I bit out.

“I should be able to locate her then. Come on.”

We left the basement through a nondescript door and entered a small hallway with stairs coiling up. Eric grabbed me like a fireman and ran up.

“So this blood exchange…How many witnesses do you think were sane enough for the event?”

“You’ll never live it down. That many.”

Whatever reaction I was expecting from him, it wasn’t the short bark of laughter I got.

“She dug herself a real deep hole.”

“Well she is a vampire after all.” I grumbled, not getting his amusement at all.

We exited into another small room through a door on the third floor.

“Don’t worry. We’re not getting buried with her. We can prove she has no claim on me to complete the bond.”

Eric put his ear on the door in an exaggerated show of listening in to the goings on of the other side.

“Although, I would have liked to be in a better suit on my wedding day.” he mumbled and placed his hand on a security panel on the side of the door.

That made me remember Freyda’s big wedding announcement on TV. Did he mean that wedding? Was he still planning to attend that-

“Are you still planning to attend that wedding? Over my dead body are you suiting up for that reality TV farce!”

“I am told I look devastating in a tux.” Eric grinned.

Before I could control myself, I blasted him with a bout of my special crackling microwave fingers. Eric was swept back against the opposite wall, his mouth dropping open in shock.

“Go on…Try looking pretty for your bitch vampire fiancé and see how much of you is left for her.” I gave him another blast for good measure.

Eric slowly got up to his feet, hands up in surrender.

“Bitch vampire honey? What bitch vampire honey?”

He looked confused.

The nerve of this vampire!

I took two steps forward and set my hands on his chest. Fair warning that I would not hesitate to use them if he fucked with me now.

“I am talking about your fiancé and upcoming nuptials. The live event that people haven’t shut up about on TV.”

“Uhhh…TV nuptials?”

“I swear I’ll kill you myself if you marry Freyda, Eric, farce or not. Right after I kill that bitch.” I growled and my hands started crackling again.

Good! I was all charged up.

Eric covered my hands with his own and clutched them tight.

“I am not marrying Freyda. I cannot marry Freyda, or anyone else for that matter.”

He let go of my hands and scanned his palm on a panel in the wall. The door opened. Eric bashed together the heads of the two guards standing just inside the door and in one smooth motion, swung them back. Off went two werewolves flying over the banister and down the stairwell. Eric pulled me forward and shut the door behind him. Two medieval fairy types came running round the corner and I blasted them in the nuts. The knights went down. Eric snapped the neck of one and thrust his face in the neck of the other. He drained the poor knight in under a minute. His face took on a rosy blush and his hair looked more gold than before.

However, my head was still reeling from his declaration back in the stairs. What the hell did he mean he could not get married to anyone?

Eric got up with a hiccup and swayed to a door by our side. Without waiting for the secure check in, he just kicked it in. The door shattered open, taking the hinges with it. Inside the pitch dark room, right in the middle, sat a coffin on a pedestal, now spotlighted by the light from the broken door.

“Open the blinds Sook.”

“The sun is still out!”

“So?” Eric grinned, looking crazy AF.

The fool was drunk.

“So…you could get hit. And who the bloody hell is in the coffin?”

Eric guffawed.

” ‘S the vamp bitch who didn’t drain a fairy when she had the chance.”

He hefted open the lid. In lay Freyda, dead queen of Oklahoma, soon to be a truly dead queen of nowheresville.

Well then.

I ran to open the blinds.

A sliver of sun hit the queen and her skin started smoking. Eric ripped a leg off the pedestal and stabbed her with the sharp end. For all the trouble she caused us, Freyda went out without a sigh, sound or ripple. All that got left behind of her was red slush.

Someone screamed nearby.

“Ah! Stan the dad!” Eric exclaimed and zoomed out.

I saw the dust settle after him, looked to the side and stared at the coffin full of red goo and ran to the door. After my drunk honey.

“Eric Northman, you crazy vamp!” I whisper yelled, rushing in the direction I could feel he went. I heard something break. Another yell. Then all was silent again.

Suddenly Eric was in front of me, face flecked with blood, hair tousled, eyes glittering with mischief.

Oh boy!

He snaked an arm around me and pulled me close.

“Don’t you dare kiss me”

“Why?” he pouted.

“You have people bits all over your face!”

“But I want to kiss you” he whined.

This was getting ridiculous. Although I was glad that he got to feed on a fairy and could now walk in the sun for a bit, I needed Eric to focus. Killing Freyda and maybe Stan was not enough. Everyone was still under the dark spell Hallow and Mab cast. We had a huge coup to deal with.

Eric leaned in towards me again and I smacked him upside his head.




Eric froze mid pout. Over his shoulder, I saw Bill charging in and stopping a foot away from us. Bill Compton was going to get killed this time. I knew it as soon as Eric’s silly grin faded and his body straightened to his full impressive height. He cocked an eyebrow and turned around to face my soon to be truly dead ex boyfriend.

“Mr Compton. The Gods are smiling upon me today.”

Bill winced. He must have realized Eric was completely coherent and therefore deadly again. So he did what Bill always did. He ran off. Wooshed right ahead to God knows where.

“Let’s follow him.” Eric said with creepy calm.

“Uh…don’t we need to find the bigger fish first?” I asked, wondering what the hell had been wrong with me to involve myself with Bill Compton for the hundredth time.

“Yes. And Bill will lead us to them. Come on.”

Eric picked me up and sped after Bill. I closed my eyes to save myself from throwing up all over my speeding vamp.

We reached the corridor near the great hall, where Eric had kissed me a couple days back. Or was it yesterday? My sense of time was all out of wack. Eric stopped.

“I feel a lot of zombie minds in the great hall” I whispered.

We stared at the double doors.

“We need a plan.” he said.

“We need an army.” I replied.

“We don’t have one. Hence we need a plan.” Eric pointed out helpfully.

“Not even my scheming great grandfather is here. There are too many people to fight off. So what’re we gonna do?”

“Mab will not move from the hall. She has everyone under her thrall there. Lots of security. Hallow is not going to leave Mab’s side. We need to take out Mab from the equation. That will release my people from her mind control. Then we’ll have an army. I wonder whether she knows about Freyda and Stan. I wonder what Freyda and Stan’s part was in her machinations.” Eric mused.

I tried recalling the snippets of conversation I had heard from the plotters in the great hall before Niall spirited me away from there.

“Freyda was talking to Mab about a marriage contract between you two. The TV has been spouting shit about your wedding plans since last night. Mab did her voodoo and delivered you to Freyda. Freyda was supposed to give Niall to Mab, the fairy queen’s enemy and rival, most likely to kill.” I turned to face Eric and could not help touching his cheek with a finger. “I saw you sit at Freyda’s feet. I saw the news broadcasts about vampire love marriages.” I gulped down the frog in my throat, “I thought I lost you, for real with legal paperwork this time.”

Eric cupped my cheeks and kissed me softly. I sighed and leaned into him, the terror and heartbreak of the last few hours receding a little.

“You can’t loose me now. Especially not through paperwork.” he said.

“You can’t know that. Look what happened yesterday.” I argued.

“No no.” Eric insisted, “You can literally not fucking lose me now. Even if you tried.”

“What makes you so sure? And why would I try to lose you?”

Eric smirked, all smug like. “You’ll hear that I am already married and you’d want to lose me pronto.”

The hell?

What? Married? To Freyda?”

Eric leaned in to brush his lips against mine again.

“No karaste. To you. We are married. We got married just now, through an ancient ceremony. From that one of a kind ritual dagger you used on your wrist. Using that enchanted dagger to draw blood and feeding each other of our own free will after we had already started a blood bond makes us married as per vampire law. I have the proof on that surveillance tape I took. Oh and we are thrice bonded now. There’s just paperwork to be signed after this.”

I’m sure my mouth was open, collecting flies…

“I hate paperwork!” I finally said, feeling faint.

Eric’s arms went all around me. I suspected he was trying to prevent me from running away.

“I know. You will have to sign papers, declaring that you accept my lordship over your ass for all eternity, to do with as I please, all in extraneously flowery words. I’m gonna love it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before you cut your chest with that dagger?”

Oh my Sookie! And risk you getting jittery over the M word? Not on my life. Besides, I was half passed out wasn’t I?”

“Ain’t that convenient!”

Had he always been this transparent with trying to fool me or was being drunk on fae blood making him less smooth than usual?

“Let’s go.” Eric bent down, put his shoulder in my stomach and lifted me in a fireman’s hold. His huge hand came to rest on my butt. Which he squeezed for good measure.

“Where are we going?”

“To the weapons hold. And then to drain some fairies!”

He sounded giddy at the prospect of draining more fairies.

“Hey! Most of my family is a fairy.”

“Can’t fault the in-laws with the wedding blood buffet.”

I slapped him upside the head again before super speed forced me to close my eyes and try to breathe.

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  1. Yay for the update! There’s nothing quite as funny as Eric drunk on fairy blood. Now on to killing a few more. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with the next update.


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