Chapter 20: Lessons

Alcide was furious.

When Colonel Flood had led him out of that fucking gala, he could barely control his urge to shift right there and tear down anything that came in sight, supe war be damned!

Still, he had shown restraint and left with whatever remained of his self-respect.

He had thought that meeting up with Sookie the next day, for lunch, after they had both had a night to cool off, would bring her back to her senses and they could patch up whatever was broken. But she went ahead and made light of their year together, broke up with him, and said that they didn’t have anything in common anymore. That was the last straw on the wolf’s back.

He couldn’t believe the way Sookie had humiliated him, the moment she got her hands on a vampire; on THE vampire. He couldn’t believe she fucked their relationship of a year in one second and jumped back to the bloodsuckers the first chance she got.

Silently, he cursed her name.

He also cursed the day his father got mixed up with the vamps and dragged his entire family into a lifelong debt, the debt that Alcide kept paying, just because he was the lucky son of an irresponsible gambler. He hated that he had to jump through any hoops the vampires put for him. He hated the day Eric Northman decided to cash in on the debt and sent him to guard a human.

Fucking Sookie!

Oh, what had he not given up for that girl!

He had ruined his relationship with Debbie to protect the foolish telepath who just could not stay put and out of trouble. He had bent his life backwards to make a life with Sookie. He moved to her house. He joined the pack again for her. He continuously fended off the advances of Bill, the then vampire king of Louisiana, who wanted Sookie for himself. He forgave her for killing Debbie. He even ignored her handicap.

All this because he loved her!

He had thought that Sookie loved him too. He thought she was human enough to be grateful for all that he had done for her. He thought she was woman enough to let him in.

Apparently, she was not.

She defied him at every point, reaching the blasted boiling point when she refused to stand by him at that Supe party. She was practically hanging on that blond fucker. She dug her nails in him.

His tortured mind kept playing that scene, again and again in his head, making him angrier by the second. He again had the involuntary urge to shift and tear everything within reach. He tried controlling the direction his body was going and dug his half claws in the glass of scotch he was holding. The glass cracked, spilling his liquor on the pristine bar he sat at. The bartender gave him the stink eye and rushed to clean the mess he made.

While he glared at the puny bartender and thought about cracking his neck, Alcide didn’t notice the slim, well dressed blond slide in the stool next to him. The woman ordered a strawberry daiquiri and turned to look at the huge wasted man staring down a small angry bartender, with amusement.

“Everything a’right there hon?” she asked cheerfully, too cheerfully for Alcide’s grated nerves. He ignored her.

But the woman was not discouraged.

“Ya know, it’s always better to have company while drinking away your sorrows. You look too lonely there big guy!”

Alcide turned towards her with bloodshot eyes and sneered, “Yeah? And how much is company gonna cost me, lady?”

The woman raised two dainty fingers to her mouth in a mock gasp and shook her head. “Now now! There’s no reason for getting nasty with me. I was just making polite conversation.” She turned her stool to lean away from him, “Whatever happened to good ol’ southern manners.”

Her drink arrived and she took a small neat sip. Alcide looked her up and down. Blond, blue eyed, perfect figure… She was wearing a yellow sheath dress and a pearl necklace. Strangely, she looked wholesome, homely, even sitting on a random bar stool. Well, to her credit, she was not dressed as a hooker. Maybe he had been unnecessarily rude to her.

“I am sorry lady. I didn’t mean to be rude an’ all. Not having a good night here.”

“Oooh honey.” She batted her eyes and crooned sweetly, “What happened?” she placed a gentle hand on his arm.

A smiling, pretty woman, ready to listen to his problems felt like balm to Alcide.

“Fucking vampires is what happened! Fuckers should have stayed in the dirt where they came from.” Alcide spat, “Why don’t people realize it ain’t natural to be a walking dead body?!”

The woman’s face hardened a little as she replied, “Vampires are an abomination on God’s green earth! They have desecrated the sanctity of our world. Tell me you ain’t involved with vampires honey!”

“I’d sooner stake ‘em than talk to them! Fuckers pawed my women! Twice!” Alcide grunted.

The woman smiled with pity, an overtly saccharine twist of facial muscles, which Alcide did not notice in his inebriated state.

“Men like you, real men like you Mr…?” she trailed off.

“Alcide Herveaux” Alcide supplied.

“Yeah. Real men like you Mr. Herveaux…” she nodded and smiled again, “…are who will save mankind from the clutches of these demons. Let the whores of Satan lay with them deaders. Ya know, they killed my sister too. Then they took my husband away. I hate them! I despise them! But you will see…when the day of reckoning comes, we will be the ones that will stand victorious! Not them! Have faith and I will see it to the end.” she spoke with overflowing emotion, even shedding a tear or two for drama.

Her words stroked his bruised ego. She was looking more and more attractive to him by the minute. But he wondered what one small woman could do against vampires.

“What are you talking about lady? What can you do?”

“Well” she smirked, “vampires have weaknesses too you know. A lot of them. They are not all that powerful as they like to think they are.”

“Yeah… stakes and sunlight and silver bullets”

The woman laughed aloud and clutched her chest in a way that pushed her chest right at the drunk man’s eyes. Alcide looked.

“Oh no silly! Those were sooo last season!” she leaned conspiratorially towards him and put her hand tantalizingly on his broad shoulder, “I am talking about killing them from the inside. Without having to actually fight them or face them. They don’t deserve an honorable death. No sir! They can be killed slowly and surely, driven to madness, till they look as ugly as they actually are and ultimately go back to the hell they came from!”

This caught Alcide’s interest.

“What do you mean?”

She cocked her chin and opened her purse, taking out a small vial with clear liquid inside. “A few drops of this, and your worst enemy will be reduced to a slimy zombie, easy for the picking!”

Alcide’s gaze burned on the vial.

Tell me that’s Hep-V! Where can I get me a bottle?”

The woman jumped down from her stool, placed a few bills on the bar to cover her drink, and placed the vial in front of Alcide, on a piece of white paper with a number.

“First one’s on the house! Then you can call the number” she turned to leave.

Alcide jumped from his stool too, grabbing the card and the vial, “Thank you” he glanced at the name on the paper, “Sarah” and watched the woman walk away. For the first time in two days, he started thinking clearly again.

The smiling cheerful woman waved and left, pleased with her progress.

Men!” she chuckled as she stepped out, “The bigger, the dumber!




Eric’s POV



“Stop staring and go to sleep!” she mumbled, eyes still shut tight.


“You’re distracting me woman!” I defended promptly and ran my hands down her back, winning me a shiver.

Well she was distracting me…What with the still glowing naked skin without a stitch of clothing, all swathed in my arms and my scent…What’s a vampire to do…

“Uh huh mister…your bleeds are gonna start any moment now. You need to drop that idea brewing in your perverted head and go to sleep.” She scolded.

Fuck! Scolding Sookie!

I lunged towards her and suddenly, she was not in my arms anymore. I landed face first in her pillow. Before I could wonder much, I felt her straddle my back, her hands on my shoulders, pushing me down on the bed, trying to hold me still.

Yeah right!

“Adorable effort little fairy!” I flipped myself and now she was straddling my front and sitting at perfect alignment with me.

She gasped. I smirked.

“You were saying?” I teased and grabbed her waist to hold her still.

“Errric please…” she groaned and tried to move, to scratch her itch, and yet denying me.

Still holding her an inch away from where she wanted to be, I floated us to the edge of the bed and in a move that she didn’t see coming or happening, lifted her hands and cuffed her wrists to the hidden ring, high on the bed post, over her head.

She gasped again and looked at me in disbelief, “Eric what the hell do you…you…” she paused when she realized she could not teleport.
What?” she rattled her hands, trying unsuccessfully to free herself and asked in confusion.

“Iron my dear…Pure iron.” I informed her, finding it hard to hide my glee.

“Why can’t I get them off?” she shook the hand cuffs again, to emphasize her question.

I took a step back and ignored her question for a second, to really appreciate the sight in front of me.

Sookie Stackhouse, naked, tied… Open and inviting… To my bed… And she can’t disappear!

I just had to take a moment to burn this image in my memory forever.

“Hey!!! Snap out of it!”  She huffed, trying very hard to stay annoyed at me.

“Lesson number one,” I leaned towards her and nuzzled her neck, under her earlobe, “Pussy trumps death. Hands down, anyday! So fuck the dawn and don’t stop me from fucking you even if it’s the fucking morning and I am supposed to be on my death bed!”

I stepped back to note her expression and it pleased me that she was hiding her amusement well under a perfect mask of annoyance. She couldn’t control her blush though.


“Lesson number two,” I took hold of her left ankle and raised it, folding her leg and resting her foot high on my back, “I am old as dirt. So dawn does not pull me under, as it would a younger vampire. You should know that I can fight it for a couple of hours, even if I can’t go out in the sun.”

My fingers found her wet center and I started caressing her folds, eliciting a moan from my stubborn fairy, breaking her mask.

I nipped her earlobe and whispered in her ear, “Lesson number three…iron weakens fae magic. You are not full fae so it won’t hurt your skin, like it would a full fairy. But your magic will weaken. Teleportation requires lots of energy and lots of magic. So if you are shackled in iron, you cannot teleport.”

I found her clit and pressed a tight circle. Her lithe body jolted at that and she dropped her head back, closing her eyes in pleasure.

“What will you do in such a situation Sookie?” I asked, making gentle eights in her.

She moaned in response. I stopped and her eyes popped open.

“What will you do Sookie?”

“Ericcc…please …I need you…” she begged.

“And I need your answer. Think Sookie.”

She groaned in frustration and stamped her foot, her annoyance very real this time. “Now you start interviewing me? Right now? Seriously!?!”

“Yes now.” I snapped, refusing to cut slack. “You are distracted. Your body has needs that refuse to stand down. You are tied to a shackle you can’t escape. You want something you can’t reach. It might be life or death and since it’s the day, I might not be able to reach you. What. Will. You. Do. Sookie?”

She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. “Ummm I don’t know. Scream for help?”

As she started talking, I reached out to her folds once again and resumed the eights.

“You might attract unwanted attention by screaming. Someone might decide they don’t want the noise and knock you out.”

Her breathing quickened again as I continued to work her up, but I could feel that she was trying her best not to get distracted.

“I’ll…uh…I’ll reach out with my mind first…check for people who might help.”

Very good vannen.” I pressed my thumb on her nub and teased her opening with a finger, “and if there is no one to help?”

“I’ll …act…unconscious…and…and…wait for some opening.”

I added another finger to the teasing and rubbed her clit. She was growing wet and it helped me insert my fingers in her hot center. She sighed.

“Or…” I curled my finger to hit her sweet spot and started massaging earnestly. Her legs started trembling and I stepped in to hold her shaking body up against me, “if nothing else works, you could use your light and melt the iron, at least enough to break their hold. Your light takes very little magic and energy from you. You could practically do it without even thinking about it.”

She was very near to her release and I kept going on, “the hot iron will hurt you, but once free of it, you can quickly teleport yourself out of danger.”

Right when she was on the edge, I removed my fingers and entered her, filling her up completely. She screamed as her orgasm hit her. I kept up with the tight circles around her clit and drew out her pleasure.

“And…” I continued, “if you can’t summon the light, conserve the energy you have and reach out to me through the bond. I’ll take away your weakness,” I thrust into her and she moaned in ecstasy, “your pain,” another thrust, “your fear,” I lifted her other leg and locked her feet behind me as I started moving faster, “and give you strength in return. When you are fully bonded to me, your magic will mix with mine and you will be capable of much more than what you can do now.”

She started shaking again. Her body glowed with her light and her blush. Her hot center dripped honey, dousing me in her intoxicating scent.

Gods this woman was gorgeous, a true gift to me!

I grabbed her ass and pulled her flush against me as I fucked her senseless.

Eriiiiic!” she groaned, “don’t… stop…” she whispered between gasps.

Not a chance vannen! Because there is another lesson we need to cover today…Lesson number four…”

I shifted her legs and changed the angle, now hitting her deeper with every stroke. Her gasps became screams with every brush against her g-spot.

Wh… What… is… th… that?” she managed to choke out, desperately trying to remain coherent.

“I believe you need a proper demonstration on vampire stamina…There have been doubts and misgivings in the past…”




Sookie’s POV

For the record, although the record keeper is sleeping, I now have no doubts on the number of hours Eric can, ‘go at it’, so to say!


I knew it was late when I woke up.

For a few moments, I just stayed put and reveled in the beautiful feeling of completeness and peace filling my heart, just by waking up next to Eric. It was such a precious feeling. Eric’s cool body was wrapped around me as closely as was physically possible. I could feel his nose buried in my hair, one leg trapping both of mine and his arms completely around me. The weight felt good.

But my mostly human body had its own needs. So I maneuvered myself out of my vampire’s stronghold and went about looking for a bathroom.

When I found it, I was not too thrilled with the fact that his huge shower was as intimidating as his entertainment console. What do they need so many dials for again?

At least the toilet looked normal enough. But that was probably because Eric didn’t need to use it! I did though…

Somehow, I managed a long hot shower and washed my hair. My clothes from yesterday were beyond recognition, so I grabbed Eric’s shirt from last night and put it on. It looked like a shirt dress on me. If only I had a belt. And a bra. And a pair of panties.

Oh well! I had Eric…so…

Next order of business was food. I was ravenous. In fact I didn’t remember if I had eaten anything since yesterday’s lunch and had gone thorugh quite a bit of excitement since then.

I went out to the sitting room to try the exit door or find something to eat. My eyes went first to the coffee table by the couch where my phone sat blinking away.

Shit! Maybe Niall called…I have been away since yesterday!

I picked it up and quickly went through my messages, leaving a reply for Niall’s, telling him I was safe and with Eric. The last voice message was from Jessica. I played it out.

‘Sookie…this is Jessica…please call me as soon as you can. I really need your help. Eric’s people took Bill and are keeping him prisoner. They are torturing him Sookie. I know it because I am feeling so much pain from him. He has done nothing to deserve this. Look, I know Eric will listen to you. Can you please ask him to let Bill go? Please help me Sookie…There is no one else I can turn to. If nothing else, can you at least check on him once for me? For old time’s sake?’

Jess sounded so weak and tortured. She was crying the whole time she was speaking. My heart went out to the poor teenager. It wasn’t her fault that Bill was a shitty vampire and couldn’t follow directives. Jessica did not deserve to feel the pain Bill was going through. I could imagine Eric was not going too soft on Bill. I also knew that Eric would not need too much of a reason to stake him whenever he wanted to. Not that I had any sympathies for Bill. Ewww no! Lord knows he had had some good torturing a long time coming!

But then what about Jessica?

I was really torn. I was sure it wouldn’t go well with Eric if I asked him to release Bill. In fact he may even throw a fit about it. I quickly decided that there was no point antagonizing Eric over someone like my ex vamp boyfriend.

But maybe if I could just go check on him like Jess asked? And take a bottle of true blood too?

A little visit couldn’t hurt anyone could it?

If only I had known how wrong I could be!




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  3. Oh, Sookie, no. Uh-oh I wonder what’s going to happen. Sarah Newlin was disturbing. But that’s a nice twist to have vials of Hep-V available. Loved the Viking’s lessons for Sookie! I hope you update soon!


    • Yeah I just could not totally turn around her personality and this is a True Blood fanfic after all. But I assure you she does not care about Bill… She is s bit stupid and rash though.
      It’s actually so frightening how little she knows about herself or Eric. So the lessons will continue 🙂 with the lemons 🙂


  4. Seriously loving this fanfic! Im in anticipation for the next chapter! Please dont keep us waiting to long! Keep up the awesome work


  5. Love the story. And the way Eric teaches lessons! 😉 Hope it’s updated soon! Recently found your blog and am really enjoying your stories.


    • Hey thank you so much for reading…I am still writing the next one. Seriously the number of words i write and erase, no wonder the keys of my laptop are looking worn out :)…But I’ll get it right and post it soon.. 🙂


  6. Oh My God Sarah must be stopped now!! Having Hep-V vials available is unbelievable! Sookie’s lesson were so…good !Oh no it’s that asshole of Bill again! Can’t he shut down the bond with Jessica? Hopefully there will be more updates on this story! It’s awesome…Take care


  7. How could Alcide be so stupid and reckless? If he really loved Sookie he’d let her go. He knows how much she loves Eric. Sookie’s also being reckless. Surprise, Surprise. Maybe she’ll send him to his final death? Poetic justice, anyone?


  8. so Sarah paid Alcide a visit, was she watching him and known who he was? Alcide you are an idiot if you think this plan will work, you will not do anything but hurt yourself more….Jessica should have kept Sookie out of it, no old time sake. Bill knew what he was doing and overstepped his bounds. but Sookie is just being STUPID for what she plans on doing, dumb fucking move, until the next update KY


  9. Re-reading and I noticed something here. When Pam brings Sookie to Eric’s chamber, she comments “this is my maker’s day chamber, a place open to no one but him and those with his blood”. I’m assuming that means he never brings fangbangers/donors to private chamber.

    So……why does his bed have cuffs? 🤪

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    • Oh wow good catch 😀 … I could say (sounding all knowledgable about my plot) that Eric had sex with maybe Willa? But I know it hadn’t crossed my mind. See thats why reviews are important. Thank you for sharing the tidbit. Now I am thinking if there is a way of filling in this loophole ….


      • He could tie her to the headboard with a tie or something like that? Oh wait – you used iron cuffs to limit her teleporting. Well, she wasn’t consciously teleporting, so maybe once he ties her up – she doesn’t think to try again?

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