Chapter 16: Bound By Magic Part1

Eric’s POV

“So now tell me. How the fuck are you completing the sentences from my head? Are you town telepath now?”

Relentless as always, that’s my Sookie…But this newfound ability to call on my bullshit and distraction was endearing as hell.

“No. I am no telepath. As I was saying, we started a bond a year back and I couldn’t feel your emotions after you decided to distance yourself from me. But this changed yesterday. When I rose for the evening, out of the blue, I could feel you again. Your location, your emotions, your presence, everything…Sookie did something change for you yesterday?”

She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again, her lovely eyes were now tinged with tears.

Oh no… not those!

She quickly wiped them off and gave me an apologetic smile, “I am sorry. I know you hate them but I couldn’t help it. You see, yesterday morning, Niall and I had a heart to heart and afterwards I did a lot of thinking.”

“About what?”

“About my life and my choices. To say the least, I got a few choice words to say to me. I also thought a lot about you. Turned out that your words were the best pieces of advice I always got and always decided to ignore because they were coming from you. In a way, I had suppressed a lot of memories and just shelved them away in a closet, and locked the door, so that I couldn’t see them anymore. They were just too painful. Most of what I chose to not think about was stuff about you. You see, if I kept thinking about our times together, I could never have let you go and I…” she struggled for words so I completed it for her, “couldn’t have walked away.”

She sighed, “Yes. If I didn’t do that, I couldn’t have walked away and carried on with my life without you in it.”

I didn’t have more words for her. It was painful to know that she had chosen to not think about me in any way. Apparently my eyes gave away that pain because she cupped my face in her hands and kissed me before saying, “I am sorry Eric. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t even know I was hurting you so much. Back then, everybody was after me and I didn’t know what to believe and who to trust. It was one huge mess. I was trying to give myself time and we never got any because things kept going wrong.”

Yes, things did keep going wrong. Fucked-up has always been my normal state. Life has always been a constant challenge for me. I have never truly taken the proverbial break to take things easy for a while. There was never any time for that. Except those few months in Sweden this year…

“This is the normal way for supes Sookie. We can’t get away from it. Believe me, I have tried.”

“Yes but it was new to me. I was a crazy high school dropout barmaid who never got asked out and always got ignored or ridiculed, all my life. Then, Bill Compton walks into Merlotte’s and suddenly, after twenty five lonesome and boring years, everybody wanted a piece of me. I was flattered, confused and sometimes, downright stumped. The part of me that was always my worst enemy became my most prized quality for y’all. I even got paid for my disability. I had not come to terms with this one when the other shoe of being a part fairy dropped. Can you imagine how difficult it became for me to trust vampires after I got to know that my blood was intoxicating and magical for them? Can you imagine how much it hurt when you told me Bill came in my life as part of a job? Turned out that telepathy still remained my worst enemy and my genes insured I could never be human again and there went my dreams of a normal life. I was so alone and so frightened that night. And I was so angry that I just wanted to shut everyone out and never see a single soul again.”

“So you ran…”

“I ran…”

I still remembered her face from that night when she had looked at me with so much doubt and hurt in her eyes. I hated myself for that look too. So this was why she had looked at me like that. “You hated me that night.”

“I hated everything that night, most of all myself, my blood and my telepathy. Those were the things that never let me have any normal relationship in my life, including the one I thought I had with Bill.”

“You needed time to sort things out.”

“Yes. Time that I didn’t get… Because right on that very night, I was transported to that weird fairy realm, courtesy my so called fairy god mother, and their cranky queen wanted to get to me too. Thanks for killing her later by the way.” She smiled before speaking again, “While a whole year passed for you, I spent hardly half an hour in that hell, running for my life and then dropping here again, to see my granddaddy die, and then come to my home which was no longer mine.”

Yes that must have been… difficult…and confusing as hell. She never told me about that missing year. Although I guessed it was the fairies, I still didn’t exactly know. Compton didn’t know either. The fact that she was telling this to me meant so much to me.

“You see, after everything, that home was the only thing I could call my own in the world, the only place where I felt closer to the one person who till then, had ever loved me unconditionally.”

“Your grandmother!”

She nodded again, “Damn right. And I hated you for having bought it in my absence and for having that owner’s key.”

“And I fucked up again by dangling it over your head in return to owning you.”

She smiled at that, as if it was some nice memory. “You know you can pull a lot of bullshit Eric Northman. But you said some very true words that night.”

“That you were mine?”

And I get the chest swat again. Adorable!

“No! The other stuff about letting fairy Sookie in.” she smiles again, “It was very confusing. I hated you and I was drawn to you. You said and did things that made me hate you. But then under the surface you bought my house to take care of it and return it to me and you said things that would ultimately prove to be the most useful for me. You rile me up like nobody’s business. You always acted as if you didn’t care for anyone but yourself. You created miles of lies to hide all the good that you did. You cared enough to find out the truth about Bill and then tell it to me even if it broke my heart. The day when you saved me from Russel, you did the most heroic thing anyone has ever done for me, but you did it in a way that I couldn’t help getting angry at you. Again, I hated you but much to my ever growing frustration, couldn’t let go of you and had to save you from burning up. So Eric, here’s what I have to say for that. Do not ever, ever, pull a stunt like that on me again.”

She got that, huh? Now why, was I not surprised? So help me if I wanted to throw her on my shoulder and carry her someplace where no one would disturb us for a long long time. I have known quite a number of females of varied species in over a thousand years of my existence and Sookie Stackhouse has been the one and only woman, except for maybe Pam who can actually feel all that I am feeling, who has understood me, gotten my motivations and in effect, gotten me. Sookie Stackhouse has been the only one who has held my heart like she does. The only one I can actually trust myself with. Why hadn’t I met her sooner? Why had we wasted so much time dancing around our feelings for each other? Why were we both so stubborn?

I couldn’t help it. I grabbed her face and crashed my lips on hers. She moaned and kissed me back with a fervor that completely floored me. I tightened my hold and combed her hair with my fingers, holding her as close as I possibly could. I just couldn’t handle any distance from her. I couldn’t handle not touching her in some way. This was the reason I had to have her in my lap when I came in to this room. This was the reason why I had to leave everything and just come close enough to touch her again. That stage had been too far off from where she sat looking at me.

I broke off from her lips and hungrily nibbled at her jaw and her neck. “What were you thinking back there during the Mayor’s speech?”

She chuckled breathily, still panting from the kiss and took my earlobe in her mouth. That earned her a bite without drawing any blood and she ground herself into me. “You don’t know what I was thinking?”

I tugged her hair and brought her face in front of me to look in her beautiful eyes. “I can guess. But do you know how hard it was for me to be sitting in front of so many people and getting those thoughts from you when I was already hanging by a thread after our earlier… uhh… encounter? Do you know what you do to me?”

She gave me a naughty smirk and lowered her voice to a sultry tone, “I can guess…I knew you knew. I also knew you were looking at me even if your eyes were trained on the podium.”

That reminded me of our original discussion about our bond. But she was talking so openly with me tonight that I couldn’t help getting distracted at every point of our talk. Sookie had never been so candid and open with me. Even when we lived together during my amnesia and after that, she never gave me so much insight into what she thought about all that happened and why she did what she did. Needless to say, I was fascinated. I didn’t want to stop.

“Sookie, dear girl, you have always understood me on a level no one else does and I can’t tell how good that feels. Yesterday, you dusted out your inner memory closet and opened up our bond in the process too. There is another thing. This morning, I woke from my day rest, when I was supposed to be dead, and had an overwhelming urge to be with you. It was as unrelenting as my maker calling me and was so strong that if my heart was beating, it would stop from the pressure. I broke my door knob and almost tore the door from the hinges. I don’t know where I found the strength to stay indoors and save my ass from burning again, but somehow when I concentrated on that pull and tried to calm down, I did find that strength. Did you feel it min kärlek?”

She looked shocked. “Oh my God…You felt it too? Eric, it was so painful that I thought I was having a heart attack. But the thing is that, the pain was for you. It felt as if I would die if I don’t get to you. I was completely freaked out. But after a moment, I felt like someone was spreading pain killers on my poor nerves and although the need to see you remained as strong as ever, the pull eased up. And I started to feel another presence in me.”

“I felt the same. And I tried to calm you down through the connection, which should not have been possible because we are not fully bonded, but it inexplicably worked. We were feeding off each other’s yearning when we felt that need to see each other. So, the more I calmed you down, the better I felt. The more love I sent you through our connection, the more loved I felt. The more safe… It freaked me out too. But eventually I felt peaceful enough to drop dead again.”

She winced at the end but nodded nonetheless. “Yes. That is how I felt the entire time though I didn’t know how I was magically calming down. And then in the late afternoon there was a sudden burst of energy in my mind and I felt a rush of a few emotions that were not my own.”

She was perceptive…

“Yes that would be when I rose from death. So just like you are feeling everything I am going through, I am feeling everything from you too. And after having observed everything you say and do in minute details, for so many years, I am now anticipating what you would say and answering your unasked questions too. In fact, I didn’t even realize I was doing this until you brought it up.”

She nodded again and we were both silent for a minute, absorbing our new found hypothesis.

Then, I felt worry enter her mind again. “What about this Freyda? What bond does she have with you?”

“Rest assured Sookie, I don’t have any bond with her. I don’t feel anything from or for her. But you were right with their mischief part. Going by what she said to you, and we will come back to why she said these things to you, they must have done some spell with my sword which could have bound me to her. There are not many witches in the world that can perform binding or unbinding spells on vampires. In fact there are just three in this dimension. I know for a fact it wasn’t two out of the three, which leaves a witch named Hallow. She has been accused of a number of illegal magic spells, though we didn’t have any proofs, so she could not be put down so to speak. Still, to be on the safe side, the supernatural council forfeited her right to practice magic and I debarred her from living in my states. Hallow also came up with a totally unethical and dangerous binding spell some time back which sealed her fate with the Supernatural Council. She didn’t spill the details when she was apprehended, but we did get some information out of her. In the absence of the vampire, a thing of great significance and history with him or her, can be used for the binding to happen. I suspect Freyda and Stan are harboring Hallow and that they were the ones that stole my sword for this spell. Damn! I didn’t foresee her working that fast.”

“So that is why you asked Pam to find Hallow. But the spell didn’t actually work Eric. You are not bound with Freyda. So even if she is caught, you won’t be able to prove that she did anything wrong. She could walk away and cause more harm.”

Again, Sookie proved how incredibly insightful she could be. I didn’t ever have to explain these things to her, as I had to do with even Pam or say, Nora. I swear talking to her was as pleasurable to me as was making love to her. She was my one amazing gift from God. “You are right min kärlek. But there is something we have not given a thought to. You said you injured yourself on that sword last night, yes? You said you bled on it. Now blood can be a very important factor in magic with vampires. And then we both felt some magic happening during the day, and some of what we have both been feeling comes from a full blood bond that we do not have as yet. Put Freyda’s out of character openness to you, even in the face of a maker’s command, in to the equation. Do see what we may have here?”

A smile started on her slightly swollen lips, “The spell obviously went wrong. Maybe Freyda cannot resist answering me if I ask something.” She paused, “Eric, is it possible that the spell bonded me to you, instead of her?”

“Yes that is what I suspect.” And if that actually happened, I would grant Hallow a fucking diplomatic immunity for this lovely fuck up, right before I petitioned the Council for permission to behead Freyda and Stan for their audacity. However, I toned down my way too excited grin to a smile before I said anything else. Sookie hated high handed interference in her life. This bond was more than interference. I needed to know what she thought about it. “How do you feel about this bond Sookie?”

She furrowed her brows. I was getting worry and doubt from her. Shit! She didn’t want it…

As if knowing exactly what I was thinking, Sookie grew alarmed and rolled her eyes, “Now don’t get your panties in a twist vampire.” Panties? Huh?  “I am not worried about this tie to you. I kind of like it too”… Oh thank the powers that be … “I was thinking that if Hallow can bind us with magic, she can also break it up. And after the spell failed for her, this Freyda may get more desperate and do something that could actually harm you. We need a plan here.”

Now why hadn’t I thought of that! After all, I was the one here with a thousand years of experience in handling deceit and asshattery…

“Fuck! I didn’t think…” Did I say that out loud?

Now Sookie was grinning. “Well thank God someone brought their brains to this group meeting here.” She waved her hand between us to point out our group. “What would you do without me?” her eyes glinted when she said that. I was so done for!

Two could play this game though. “Well…” I ran down my fingers across her back, making her shiver, “I could go ahead and get robbed without you”, I gave her a devilish smile, “then you would have to answer to a summons to find the thief. Or…” I dipped my head and bit her lower lip lightly, eliciting a delicious groan, “I could keep you in the dark and get up to my head with the vampire mafia, get burned in the process and then a certain fairy would have to pull my dead weight around.” She giggled. It was pure music to my ears.

“Or your bumbling ass could go ahead and get cursed” she snorted.

“Yeah what was I thinking?” Oh this was fun. Whatever I did with her was fun!

“I’ll tell you what you were thinking mister. You sir, wanted me, to babysit a thousand year old vampire twice my size and jump in bed with me the first excuse you got, all under the pretext of a little curse.” She sassed.

I cocked an eyebrow and did a mock shocked expression, “You wound me Miss Stackhouse! I never needed an excuse to jump in bed with you. You were more than happy to invite me in. In fact” I ran my hands down to her perfect waist and pulled her in, “I am pretty sure you were looking for an excuse to bed me since you first saw me in Fangtasia.” I finished with a smug smile.

She gasped in shock at that, although I could feel her amusement too. “Mr. Northman, you are so full of yourself that you could choke. I never thought about you that night.”

“Bullshit! You forget my super senses. I could smell your arousal when you saw me.”

She blushed and opened her mouth to say something but closed it off. Then she did her cute huff and sat there looking in her lap. “Fine! I thought you were handsome. But I was with Bill, so it wouldn’t matter even if you were Alexander Skarsgard in the flesh! Though it would have been quite a sight if you were him!” she made air quotes with that name and made some kind of leery eyes at me. Who the fuck was Alexander Skarsgard? Another one of her admirers? I’d have to look into it.

She clicked her fingers in front of my face to get me out of my musings. “Hey where did you go? Moving on…What do we do about Freyda?”

I let it go for now.

She was right. Again.

We did need to discuss about the spell and Freyda and the clock was ticking. So for the last hour of my break, we did just that. Two could play this game indeed!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Bound By Magic Part1

  1. Really enjoyed reading this and can’t wait for more up dates . The AP character is one of my fav’s and I love how she find Vikings and fairy’s entertaining , looking forward to finding out how they will deal with Freyda and Stan.


  2. I love when these two make plans together, even the plans go awry! Sookie’s comment about ASkars was just too funny! Aren’t you the clever one? Terrific chapter and I’m off to read some more. This is story’s great and really fun! As always the banter between the two of them is one of the best parts of the story and so entertaining!

    I’m having some trouble with the timeline though. It’s a bit confusing. Has it been 2 years since they last saw one another or one year? Sookie speaks of knowing the vampires for 7 years, but this would make her 32, not 30 as has been mentioned. Can you give me some help with this? Help an old woman out here; it doesn’t take much to confuse or amuse the feeble minded! LOL!


    • Its been a year… Going by the timeline that Sookie didn’t see Eric after he signed her home back to her and then the whole vamp camp thing happened and then there was a time jump of 6 to 7 months where she was Alcide’s girlfriend. I begin a little after that. So a year, give or take. Did I write 7 years somewhere? Oops! You have been the only one who caught that 😀


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