Chapter 23: It Flows From You to Me

Eric was livid when Alcide told him what happened. Shit like that wasn’t supposed to happen on his watch.

For the safety of everyone involved, it was good that at the moment, Sookie was safely sleeping in front of his eyes, otherwise there would have been a serious hit to the werewolf and shifter population of his area. And however much they messed up, Alcide did have the very inebriated and silvered Bill with him and had gotten help for Tray. By the description given by Alcide and the revived Tray, Eric guessed that a fairy had attacked them. Most certainly the fairy was attached to Sookie’s gran, because fairies never did anything for anyone other than themselves unless it was a mate or a relation, and the fairy had defended the grandmother. Bill must have tried to kidnap Adele, no doubt to get some leverage over Sookie. The fairy must have come to rescue and then Bill attacked him too. By some stroke of good fate, Alcide saved the fairy and since Alcide was working for Eric, it meant that Eric could now work something out with the fairies without starting a war. He called Dr Ludwig and arranged for her to visit the ailing fairy too, another act that would win him favor with the fairies. He then messaged Pam to go take hold of Compton and keep him at Fangtasia till he could get to the fucker himself.

Eric now stood on the doorway of his bedroom, looking at Sookie, sleeping peacefully in his bed, feeling torn.

How was he going to tell her? She was so fragile, especially after last evening. They didn’t know what was happening to her and now she had lost the woman she loved so much. It still needed to be done. He needed to tell her. She had to handle this one. She had to pull through. She had to be strong…

He knew he had to go to the scene of crime, take charge and do the cleanup required. But he wanted to talk to Sookie first. She needed to know and there was no one else to do this.

He slowly walked towards the sleeping girl and sat on the bed at her side. Her hair was tangled. She had tear stains all over her face from the evening before. Her chest rose and fell in a hypnotic rhythm of her breathing. Her lips were slightly parted. There was that faint feeling of a glow around Sookie that Eric had always seen in her, right from the start. Maybe it was in his eyes or maybe she was ethereal. She looked completely at peace and completely at home in his bed. Right there, sitting by her side, looking at her, surrounded in her scent, something stirred within his dead heart. He touched her cheek gently, reverently and whispered.

“Be strong min kära …”

He deeply inhaled her scent, and then called out in a louder voice. “Sookie? Miss Stackhouse? Wake up!”

Sookie stirred. Her eye lids creased and she blinked. First thing she saw was Eric leaning close to her face, caressing her cheek, looking at her intently. A smile slowly spread on her lips that reached her eyes.

“Hey” she said softly, a little hoarse from the sleep.

Eric brushed a few of her stray hair from her face. “I need you to wake up.” He said quietly, trying to be as gentle as possible.

Sookie frowned at his odd expression. His jaw was locked in determination but his eyes were choked with so many emotions. He looked to be in turmoil. She placed her hand over his where he was touching her face. She couldn’t understand it but she wanted to comfort Eric and ease away his pain. She didn’t break her gaze as she sat up on the bed and Eric leaned back a bit to give her room to sit up.

“You are worried about something. What is it?”

Eric was surprised at her observation. He was adept at hiding emotions and he was sure he was hiding them well, right then. How did she know?

He was going to have to tell her the news so soon after her meltdown. Before that, he needed to make sure she was at least physically fine.

“How are you feeling? You had a few injuries from your accident and I took the liberty of cleaning them up for you before I put you to bed. Are you in pain?” He was still using his gentle half whisper.

Sookie squeezed his hand…Oh so that’s what’s worrying him! Me and my troubles! He cared for me. Again! He cleaned me up. That was…that was…sweet…

She smiled softly and caressed Eric’s cheek in return. “I am fine. Thank you for taking care of me. You know I never get a chance of expressing my thanks whenever you save me from something or the other. It just keeps happening and then you are gone before I get to say anything. But you have always been there to save me.”

Although Eric’s face did not move a muscle, his eyes seemed to smolder when Sookie said that.

“I …uh…feel the need …to keep you safe.”

“You don’t need to do anything for me Eric. But I am so thankful and so blessed that you do. So let me thank you properly.”

He looked uncomfortable. To be thanked for nothing by Sookie at the moment, when he needed to deliver the news about her grandmother was eating him. But he needed to tell her and so he steeled himself.

“Don’t thank me yet. I have brought you in the middle of a storm. I am really sorry for that Miss Stackhouse.”

She brought both her hands up and held his face. “Shush…”

Eric closed his eyes for a moment, savoring her touch, and when he looked at her again, something was shining there, in addition to the other jumble of emotions flitting across his face.

Sookie felt a strong urge to be closer to him.

And she needed to say something…

“Before you say anything…” She brought her face close to his and nervously stopped an inch from him.

Eric went still.

This was the boldest thing Sookie had ever done in her life and she silently thanked Eric in her heart for being so still. If he moved, if he broke eye contact, she might not have the courage to do this.

“I don’t know why I am doing this. I never do this.” She gave a short nervous chuckle and glanced at his lips.

“I want to thank you…” and she looked in Eric’s eyes again, “for taking care of me when your club was attacked…”

She closed the distance between them and touched her lips lightly to his chin, before pulling back an inch again,

“and I want to thank you for visiting me when I was dead to the world…” She tilted her head and softly kissed his cheek,

“I want to thank you for keeping my secret safe…” she placed another soft kiss on his other cheek, “thank you for saving me from that creep vampire who was draining me.”

She took a small breath and gently pressed her lips on the tip of his nose and both of them chuckled for a second before she whispered “and for tonight” Sookie gulped once and slowly, hesitantly, kissed him on his lips, before moving an inch back again.

Eric brought his hands to hold Sookie’s cheeks and held her face. His eyes burned into Sookie’s and once again, under his gaze, Sookie felt like her mind was breaking away from her reality. The very air between them was vibrating with tension and she could feel each and every particle of air that danced between their lips. Her soul was chaffing with want to float in his essence. Her arms found their own way around Eric’s waist.

His voice almost broke with emotion when he whispered in question and confusion “Sookie?”

“I’ve got you. I’m right here.” She whispered back with conviction and closed the inch of distance between them till their lips met again. Eric’s entwined his long fingers in her golden tresses and he tilted her head a little to deepen the kiss. He knew he needed to talk to Sookie about her grandmother. He knew Sookie was untouched and that he should control himself before things went too far. He knew the dawn was approaching. But he couldn’t deny himself that kiss. Not this time. Because this might be the only chance he got to kiss the girl he was falling in love with. He poured all his want, his wait, his adoration, his love into the kiss and let go of himself completely. Yes, it sounded crazy but that’s what he did.

Suddenly Sookie’s hold tightened on his back, her nails practically digging into his skin under his shirt. She grew rigid and Eric thought maybe he had gone too far. He pulled himself back and looked at the wide eyed girl looking strangely at his chest.

“Sookie? Min Kara? What is it?”

Her eyes snapped back to him and Eric winced by the shock on her face. He let go of her face and slid a foot back from her. Sookie’s hands landed in his lap as she continued staring at him.

“Sookie talk to me…” He looked desperately for anything in her expression that could tell him what had happened. And he desperately wanted to close the distance between them.

“Eric…have we done this before? Have you… kissed me before?”

What? “Sookie I have a nearly photographic memory Min Kara…Trust me, I would remember if I had kissed you before.”

Sookie tilted her head as she silently regarded Eric. She knew it. She knew they had never kissed before and she also knew that she had kissed him before with the same sense of conviction. It made no sense. Why did his lips feel so familiar? Why did his hands in her hair brought her to a moment of déjà vu? There was only one way to find out. And it was pulling at her heart like the taut string of a violin.

She rose on her knees and slowly crawled towards him, never breaking eye contact. Eric sat perfectly still, again knowing what she needed. Even with him sitting and her on her knees, she barely reached at the level of his eyes. And his lips… Sookie took hold of his face in both her hands and whispered, “I am going to kiss you…”

She leaned forward and kissed him, passionately, desperately, and her hands went around his neck. Eric grabbed her by the waist and held her close, as close as he could. His control flew out the window, his mind was spinning and he was two seconds away from completely consuming the angelic goddess who fit perfectly in his arms. Sookie took another step to straddle him and her legs folded around Eric on both sides. She was now as close to him as was physically possible, with the clothes that is, and they both gasped as Sookie’s heated body melted into his cold flesh. That was it! The heat, the essence, the touch, the light seeping through every pore of her skin, tipped Eric off the edge and his fangs dropped. They pricked her lower lip and a single drop of blood hit Eric’s tongue like a wrecking ball. He groaned and sucked at her lower lip, and Sookie felt the vibrations reverberate all through her body like an electric current. In that moment of abandon, she bit at his upper lip and broke skin, tasting his blood, mingled with her own, for the very first time.

Eric growled on her mouth. The cadence of the growl would have scared her if she was coherent. Now, it just reduced her to a shivering needy mess. His hands dug into her sides and the delicate net material of her angel dress camisole disintegrated instantaneously. It was just her, around him, inside him. Her bare skin under his hands was warm, soft, like velvet. Eric’s lip healed and Sookie bit again. He backed into the bed and lay down, taking Sookie with him, not breaking the kiss or his hold on her. Her warmth started to travel up his fingertips, heating up his hands. It traveled with a life of its own, up his arms, taking root in his very blood flowing through his veins.

Sookie was now lying on top of him, in the middle of the bed.

Eric flipped them so that she was now trapped between his arms and legs. He pulled away from the kiss to look at her. She was glowing, like his own personal sun. Eric looked at her in awe as he struggled to comprehend the beauty of the woman in front of him, snug in his arms, eyes closed, mouth slightly open and lips swollen from the searing kiss they had just shared. Her soft glow had taken the form of a million tiny fibers of light flowing across her skin, like blood vessels filled with the rays of sun. He needed to look in her eyes to believe she was actually there with him.

“Open your eyes min älskare…Look at me.”

Sookie opened her eyes and her breath caught in her throat. She brought her hand and gingerly touched Eric’s cheek, his lips and then his fangs. “You are glowing…”

“No min kärlek…you are the glow in my darkness here…” and he kissed her fingertips.

She shook her head and grabbed one of his hands on her side and pulled it in front of their eyes. “No! Look…you are glowing…we are glowing…”

Eric looked at his hand and his eyes grew wide with shock! There it was, the glow, the light flowing through Sookie’s bare skin, which had somehow found a way inside him and was now running through his veins too. Their clasped hands dazzled with the light flowing like a river, starting from Sookie’s hand, making its way to Eric’s skin and then back, to be lost between the two. The glowing fiber was connecting them, enveloping them and growing within them, taking a life of its own. This was not a vampire blood bond. This was something entirely and astoundingly else.


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