Chapter 22: Thief

A few hours earlier…

Bill Compton hurried to Bon Temps, refusing to waste even a single minute of the forty eight hour timeline he had. Speeding and glamoring a patrolman on his way, he completed the five hour journey in three hours. Still it was midnight by the time he reached his home and not wanting to wait for the next night, directly set off across the bordering cemetery, towards the Stackhouse home. He lurked in the shadows of the trees around the property and concentrated on the sounds and scents coming from the house.


He inched closer to catch anything coming through and caught a faint movement from somewhere at the back of the house, near probably where the kitchen was supposed to be. He smiled to himself with the promise of prey. Bill carefully circled around the trees to get closer to the kitchen door at the back and then he planned to lure whoever it was inside to get close enough to snatch up. It would be better if it was the grandmother because Sookie couldn’t be glamored and would be a problem. Right now his priority was getting the grandmother to one of the queen’s safe houses just outside town and then he would go after Sookie’s moron brother. He reached the back and peered inside the screen door and windows. It did look like Adele in the kitchen.


Bill sniffed and listened in again. It appeared that Adele was alone at home. Just what he needed! In his glee at Adele being alone in the house, he totally failed to notice that he was no longer alone in the woods at the back of the house.

He moved at human pace to casually reach the back door and knocked on the screen door.

“Mrs Stackhouse?”

Adele turned to look at the late evening visitor and cringed internally. Bill Compton surely was one daft customer. Her granddaughter’s repeated refusal to see him or answer his calls seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever and he completely glazed over how unwelcome he was at the house.  Still, she was a southern lady and social etiquette was deeply ingrained within her. Even if a guest was very unwelcome and undesirable, he was still a guest and had to be talked to politely. But, she did not plan on inviting him in. No sir, not in my home!

Adele Stackhouse forced a determined smile on her face and stepped towards the door. However she stopped two steps from the screen door, deciding this was the most courtesy she could show to the vampire who had gotten her granddaughter molested. If she could, she could have staked the pompous busybody herself the day Sookie told her everything about him and his creepy friend.

“Good Evening Mr. Compton. What can I do for you?”

Bill smiled politely, ramping up on his southern gentleman charms.

“Forgive me for intruding Mrs. Stackhouse. I hope I am not keeping you from your rest. However what I needed to discuss could not wait until later.” He gave a lopsided contrite smile.

“I am sure whatever it is can wait till tomorrow evening.”

Bill dangerously hung right on the threshold, and with a concentrated effort on the old lady standing two steps from him, trapped her eyes with his gaze and said in a charming voice, “I am sure you want to know what I want to say Mrs. Stackhouse. Now won’t you invite me in for a moment?”

Adele lost control of her thought and with glazed eyes, gave the damning invitation for the vampire to enter her home.

Two things happened right then as Bill Compton set foot inside the threshold.

In a blur of movement Bill grabbed Adele, and ran out of the house with her. Tray Dawson, the werewolf in charge of guarding Adele, turned to wolf form and dashed from his hide out in the trees across the yard when he saw what Bill was doing.

Bill was still on the porch steps when the big wolf attacked him from behind and sunk its claws on his back and legs. Bill shrieked and dropped Adele, to free his arms to fight the wolf.

Adele’s head hit the railing. Still in glamored daze, she lost her footing and stumbled over the steps, hitting her head again on the sharp edges and then crumpled on the ground where the steps ended.

Bill lunged backwards in an effort to dislodge the wolf but Tray Dawson held on strong. While Adele lay on the ground, the vampire and the wolf rolled together in the dirt, fighting, biting and tearing at each other, around her. So engrossed were they that neither noticed when a blazing ball of light hit both of their struggling bodies.

From the shadows of the woods, out stepped a young and beautiful man, just as the wolf and the vampire went flying back and hit the ground with Tray immediately shifting back to human form before losing consciousness and Bill just being plain knocked out of his mind.

The man from the woods, was stunning, to say the least. There was an aura of crackling energy around him. He would have been lovely to look at if he did not have an absolutely lethal expression burning in his eyes. He started towards the vampire to finish him off first, when a groan escaped Adele.

“Fintan! Is that you?”

The whisper was too low for a human to hear. But she was not talking to a human. She was talking to a fairy. The fairy, who had been a big part of her carefully protected past, who had fathered her children and who had claimed her as his in the supernatural world.


Alcide Herveaux lurked in the shadows of a tree beside Merlotte’s parking lot and internally cursed Eric Northman for holding so much power over his head. He could have been home, spending time with his girlfriend Debbie Pelt, but Eric had to choose tonight of all nights to keep an eye on his precious waitress, from outside of the small grimy bar. Yes sure the girl was pretty and all but she could not be worth so much to the Sheriff.

So much business to attend to and I am standing here like a pathetic guard dog! Thanks dad!

He hated that his dad had put him into a position where he could not ever say no to whatever the vampire sheriff asked him to do. For the sake of his father’s debts, he had to stoop down to watch over a blond waitress in a no count town. And he couldn’t even talk to her or ever let her know that he was watching.

Like a bloody thief! Will this night ever get over! Why is that shifter not enough protection? Why are vampires after the blondy anyways!? Don’t they get enough sluts to feed from already?

He kept up his mental tirade but never lost his attention from his surroundings, constantly checking the area for any threats, vampires in particular. He hated the job but he still was one of the best fighters of the pack. And he still was honorable enough to do what he was required to do, to the best of his abilities. The motivation to do this particular job to the very best of his abilities also came from the way Eric had threatened him to do it. Alcide really didn’t want to get on Eric Northman’s wrong side. He knew quite well that death was considered a heavenly gift by the time the sheriff was through with his victims. As much as he hated to admit it, self-preservation really was the intelligent route to take when dealing with Eric Northman. So he swallowed a bitter pill and kept up his vigil.

However, a few hours into the girl’s shift, she disappeared at the back of the bar. Alcide could no longer spot her through any of the windows. He knew it was risky to go inside because he was too big to not notice. And Eric had been very clear about not getting noticed. Maybe she went to the restrooms or was taking her break out back. Alcide moved towards the back and didn’t see Sookie there.

Her car is here…Hmmm restroom then…She is definitely inside…How dangerous can that be?

He waited patiently for her to return to her tables. Twenty minutes after that, he still could not spot her anywhere. He debated going in to check out and finally decided to just go in and pretend to talk to Sam. Sam was keeping an eye on the inside and must know where she was.

He didn’t know that as he was entering Merlotte’s, Sookie was rushing out the back door to escape the bar.

He navigated through the unruly crowd and went up to the bar to talk to Sam. He then sat down and waited for Sam to finish serving some customers. He nodded at him once Sam was done.



“Is she safe?”

“You didn’t see her leave?”

Alcide immediately stiffened at that, shocked that he had not noticed Sookie leaving

“She left?! When?”

Sam was surprised too that Alcide had not seen Sookie leave Merlotte’s.

“Just now! You might still catch her outside.”

Alcide did not wait for Sam to finish what he was saying and rushed outside. Her car was gone. He sniffed and looked at the dirt tracks her car may have left. The car went towards the road but the trail died out after that. Not that Alcide couldn’t sniff Sookie out. The problem was that there was no scent trail to follow. Not a trace. In place of the girl’s scent, there was a muffled sweet scent all around him and he could make no sense of direction from it. It was everywhere. It started from nowhere and finished nowhere. Alcide was truly stuck and looked around in despair.

Shit! The vampire is going to kill my family! Where did the stupid girl go?!

Alcide rushed inside again and cornered Sam.

“Did she say where she was going?”

“Did you not see her outside? That was quick! She did seem to be in a hurry. She said she was going home. It’s late and she never goes anywhere else. With the condition of her car, she would not have gone far. And Alcide, you better catch her on the way or else…”

Alcide interjected gruffly, “Yes! Yes I know what will happen if I lose her and something happens. I am going after her. I’ll call when I find her.”

Alcide left in a hurry and Sam started calling Sookie’s phone to reach her. She never picked up.


Fintan stopped in his tracks. As angry as he was at the time, he could not ignore Adele’s call. She lay injured at the bottom of the steps of her porch, barely conscious. Eyes still on the prostrate vampire and the wolf man, Fintan hurried towards Adele.

He gasped when he looked at the full extent of her injuries. She had lost a lot of blood from the head wounds and was still losing it at an alarming rate. This was fatal at her age and frail state. His heightened supernatural senses told him she would not live through the night.

But he couldn’t let her go.

He loved her.

He had never taken any other fairy mate, much to the disappointment of his father Niall. Fintan had always considered Adele to be his only partner, even though Adele had had a human family. His children Corbett and Linda were the bright points of his existence. If Adele had allowed it, he would never have left their side. But his beloved was a very stubborn woman. She had wanted a normal human existence and she had refused to leave her human husband. Now when she lay in his arms, taking her last breaths, he silently cursed his lineage, for being a fairy, for being a royal, for not being human enough for her. He wanted to kill himself for being late. He should have protected her better. This should not have happened.

He carefully lifted her head and placed it in his lap. Adele cracked her eyes and smiled faintly at him. She tried to raise her hand to touch his cheek but her arm fell weekly back to the ground. The fairy tenderly took her hand in his and placed it on his cheek for a caress.

“Hold on dear one. I’ll save you. Just hold on till I get you help.”

Adele struggled but managed to say in a low voice. “I don’t have much time. I can barely see you right now. It is the end. Let me go.”

“No! I’ll save you. I’ll take you to my home. You just have to hold strong to teleport. Father will be able to heal you.”

The old lady smiled with all her last remaining strength. “And you called me stubborn?”

Fintan gasped and could not help his tears at his stubborn, pigheaded, beautiful mate. “You will never listen to me will you?” Then with steel in his voice he added, “I will destroy every vampire and wolf I set my eyes on before meeting you in the afterlife my love! They will pay for doing this to you!”

With another pull on her dwindling reserves of strength, Adele shook her eyes. “No. The vampire took me…the wolf…uhhh…he was fighting the vampire…for me…you won’t go after anyone…you won’t put yourself in danger…”

Fintan felt her end approaching and tightened his arms around her in anguish, in a bid to shield her from death itself. He was sobbing brokenly now. “No…No no…”

Adele smiled again, this time with sadness “I always loved you…”

Her hand went limp, still touching his cheek. Her heart gave a last labored tug and then fell silent too.

“No! No no no…Adele, my love, talk to me. Come back to me.”

He desperately clung to her and listened for any sign of a pulse or life in her. But she was gone.

Bill was the first to recover from the attack. He was suddenly hit by the overpowering sweet scent of a fairy all around him and completely lost his senses. All he knew was that there was a being with this heavenly scent and that he had to drain every last drop of blood from this being. He spied on the hunched form of the fairy, sitting with his back towards the vampire, swaying back and forth with the limp body of Adele Stackhouse in his arms. In the blink of an eye, Bill was behind the fairy and latched his fangs onto his shoulder.


When Alcide reached the Stackhouse home and moved towards the back where he heard disturbing sounds coming from, his hackles rose at the scene playing out on the yard. A stranger clutched the lifeless form of Adele Stackhouse to his heart and Bill Compton was draining the stranger. He saw his friend Tray Dawson sprawled a little distance away and quickly tried to figure out the meaning of what he was seeing.

Undesirable number one Bill Compton was draining a person clutching an injured and possibly dead Adele, with Tray out of it. He couldn’t find the girl and this bloody vamp picked this moment to attack the old lady!

Fuck these vamps!

He ran to the back of his truck and reached for his emergency silver chain. Not breaking his stride at all, he pounced on Bill Compton and efficiently secured the already drunk vampire in silver, before pulling him away from the other man. Just one look at Adele told him that the lady was dead and he couldn’t do anything about it now.

Next Alcide ran to Tray to check the extent of his injuries. He could not find any apparent external injury but Tray lay dazed and out of it. He shook Tray a little but got no response from him.

Shit what a mess! I hope the blondy is safe somewhere! I can ask Sam to look for her while I see to cover up this stuff here. Shit! Shit! If Compton got to her before here, I am dead already! I have to inform Northman now!

He cringed internally at the prospect of telling Eric that Adele was dead and he couldn’t find Sookie either. Plus he had an unconscious Tray Dawson and another man who was still crying by Adele’s side, on his hands. He didn’t know him but couldn’t let that strange man die either. By his scent, Alcide could tell that the man may not be human. Keeping an eye on the man, Alcide dialed the Merlotte’s number. He kept it short and quickly filled Sam with whatever he saw and told him to look for Sookie. Sam panicked and didn’t even bother putting the receiver down before running out the bar.

Then he took a deep breath and dialed Eric’s personal number, with a sinking feeling of dread.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Thief

  1. grrr SB needs to die. So Glad Trey was there to help Gran. oh no Poor gran hope she’ll be ok. wow Alcede is an arse.

    Glad Gran told Fintan that Trey was helping. Wouldn’t want him hurt further for trying to help. Hope SB dies for hurting gran and now Fintan.

    Well at least Alcede got there to help Fintan.


  2. Poor Gran so sorry Fintan didn’t arrive in time ! So Tray and alcide were watching Gran and Sookie…Eric isn’t going to be happy about all this mess…can somebody please stake Bill ?


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