Chapter 10: Plots

A few readers have raised their dissatisfaction on why Sookie got all antsy for Eric when they talked in her bedroom. The reason why I wrote her to be antsy was very straightforward. At that time Sookie didn’t know she was waking up from a two week long coma. She didn’t expect anyone to be sitting on her bed in the middle of the night, let alone a vampire. She was hearing Eric’s voice for the first time so she didn’t recognize him at first. When he came near enough and the moment she realized it was him, Eric was already in full interrogation through intimidation mode which made her even more irritated at his unwelcome presence.

Anyways dearest readers out there, for the record, I totally belong to team Eric and would do my best for my favourite characters. Thank you for continuing to read. I soooooo want to dish out some lemons but it is too soon for that and a good buildup is necessary for the full impact of such a scene.

Forgive the delay in updating the chapters. From here on out, the plot keeps thickening and I need to be more thoughtful about the story… I have been having a couple of busy workdays but I make sure to write something everyday

Love you all and enjoy…


Sookie slept peacefully, dreamlessly. The whole house was quite, the only sounds were those of the night. The two silent watchers took it all in, from their perch up a tree overlooking Sookie’s bedroom window.

“Do you feel the verve my love?”

“Oh yes Loch. It is hard to miss. What is it?”

“It is not any magic I know. And it is far beyond anything humans would be able to manage.”

“Goblins? Elves?”

The first watcher scoffed at that, “My dearest Neave! Goblins and elves can hardly match us fae in strength.”

Neave took another sniff and waved a hand in the dark. The wave produced a few gold sparkles that died down in a second.

“It does not mix with our magic. It doesn’t reveal itself.”

“We should seek the king then. We have all that we could find out. The king would know.”

They silently nodded at each other and dropped silently to the ground. They quickly made their way back inside the cemetery and popped out of sight, leaving a gold sparkle that hung the air for a second and then died out.


Sophie Ann Leclerq, vampire queen of the state of Louisiana, paced her day room thoughtfully. It had been two months since she sent her procurer to get her the telepath she had come to know about. Assets like that had to be secured as soon as possible.

So she sent her pompous procurer to immediately get her the girl. The fact that Sookie could not be glamoured had been a blow and they had to rethink strategy to lure the girl to her New Orleans palace in some kind of willing state for her to be utilized to satisfaction. That led to the time waste of Bill trying to woo the backwaters belle and cost her all legal mish mash of getting Bill Compton the possession of his ancestral home. More waste of time. What had that got Sophie Ann? A big null so far.

Sookie will be dead if we go on by Bill’s glacial speed!


The pompous ass reported about Sookie, told her about the life of Sookie, bored her with the sorry ass courtship till she balked…But why the hell doesn’t he fucking get her here? She was fast losing faith in her minion. The Stackhouse girl was too valuable to waste any more time. What if someone else got wind of her? What if someone else decided to procure her instead?

And most of all, what if Eric put two and two together? No… no… no… I can’t have that happening!


Eric was Sophie Ann’s strongest sheriff and the most dangerous competition. Although she was loathe to admit it, but Eric was too smart for her. She had a suspicion that Eric had a lot going on under her nose, without her approval. But she could do absolutely nothing because of all the dirt he had on her. For the millionth time, she huffed in exasperation and thought aloud, “How does he do that?”


Eric is too dangerous, too strong and too smart for his own good. He can’t get to her telepath. He already suspects. He is showing too much interest. I need to act.

Sophie Ann thought at her beloved second “Andre?”

Sophie, my queen!

“You need to get me the telepath. We can’t wait.”

“The procurer?”

“Be creative. He gets on my nerves already.”

“With pleasure my queen.”

The queen sighed contentedly. About time someone did something about Sookie Stackhouse!


“Bobby how is the rebuilding of Fangtasia going?”

“Crews are working day and night on a double shift sir Mr. Northman. They are confident of completing the whole work in about two weeks. I have made appointments for all department inspections once the rebuilding is done. They will all be done in three more days. I understand Mistress Pam will be looking into redecorating the place as soon as they have a base structure?”

“Yes. Make sure the staff and crew is paid before time to keep them enthusiastic. What of the work in the church?”

“They were told that the new owners are getting the gas and water pipe work relayed. A crew started on the basement today.”

Eric pulled a business card from his desk and tossed it on the table in front of his day man Bobby. “Contact this guy and make sure he completes upgrade of the surveillance server tomorrow morning. Tell him to email the information on all the updates directly to me.”

Bobby was used to Eric’s dealings and understood very well that this information was not meant for his ears and that is why it was going directly to Eric. He did not feel anything for it. The less he knew, the better it was for his own life and security. He just nodded. ‘Anything else master?”

“Yes. Keep tabs on the police investigation on Fangtasia bombing. Get me an appointment with Cataliades as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s all.”

Bobby left and Eric turned to Pam with a raised eyebrow and a mock official expression. “Where’s dinner?”

Pam made a face and replied with a matching mock expression, “On the way sir Mr. Northman. She is quite lovely and exotic. Are we dining together?” Pam looked slightly leery at that.

Eric rolled his eyes and went back to his email, “Get your own cookies Pam.”

Pam left with a parting smirk and Eric opened the Fangtasia surveillance video from the night of the bombing and replayed it. It was fast becoming a routine for him. Nothing really missed his keen eyes the first time he watched the footage. He knew everything of importance in that video in minute detail. Ostensibly he hoped to get a new insight on what could have happened. Sookie’s presence in it just made watching all the more entertaining. He smiled and settled down to watch.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Plots

  1. Those two evil twins in this story: Lock and Neave! Hopefully they won’t be doing anything bad against Sookie! Sophie Anne sent Andrè now this is a disaster…Eric watching the tape just to see Sookie..that’s cute!!


  2. Andre, the lethal teenager is coming to Bon Temps.. Not going to be good for Bill is it?
    And I wonder if Lochlan and Neave will be good or bad in this story? Time will tell..


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