Chapter 08: While You Were Sleeping

Eric flew out of the window, into the cool full moon night and laughed aloud.

So here is a telepathic human who smells like heaven, shows him visions of his homeland, knows him in her sleep, sighs at his touch (again in her sleep), calls to his blood like a fucking siren, is not scared of a big bad vampire in her bedroom, gets all riled up in a split second and puts up a fight… on her bed… in the said room… with the said big bad vampire…Fucking fantastic!

He knew Bill was standing outside and waived to him with a smug smile when he came out the window, of her bedroom! Bill hissed and sputtered a curse and Eric laughed again. It just got better and better. In fact it had turned from rotten to divine in fifteen short minutes with Sookie. Before those fifteen minutes, he had been anxious and doubtful about so much after he got to know about her telepathy. Most of all he was seriously concerned about the fact that if the girl could read vampires, she could be a huge threat and he would have to kill her before Sophie Ann or anyone for that matter used her against him. But she could not read vampires, though she could rile and fuck them up plenty, he smirked at himself.

She really was a handful. He knew she was being honest. He could feel it within her. He could feel it, on account of the one stray drop of his blood she had innocently ingested when he was practically gagging her. He didn’t mean to do it and she sure didn’t mean to bite him. But the complete frat house party that was going on within his undead body right then, did not let him regret it. The official reason for the said euphoria would be to build a tie with a valuable asset of his area and for lie detection during the questioning. The real reason? … Well he was still working on why the small tie felt so damn exquisite!




Jason jumped at the sound, “JESUS CHRIST Sook! You are awake?”

Jason practically pounced on her and held on to her tightly. “Jeez, when did you wake up? How did you? Let me go wake up Gran…”

Why is everything so weird today? Eric in my bedroom and Jason raving… and he sure hasn’t hugged me since we were teens…OK so what the hell?

Sookie had to be a bit loud to get it across. “Jason Stackhouse! What has gotten into you?”

So Jason got louder, “Hell Sook! You just woke up after two weeks of coma…We didn’t even know you were gonna wake up or not…A man’s gotta right to be happy or not?”


“What what?” If it was possible for Jason to look even more clueless than he usually looked, then this was definitely one of those moments.

Sookie was practically shouting now, “What coma Jason? And two weeks?”

The brother and sister stared at each other. Slowly the wheels in Jason’s head turned and he sank back on the couch from the effort, “My God Sook, you lost your memories!”

“Snap out of it Jas! My memories are just fine…Just what are talking about?”

He patted the couch space on his side and gave her small smile and a frown, like only Jason could manage, “Sit down! What do you remember?”

“I went to that vampire bar Fangtasia with Bill. I may have had a fight with him or something. Maybe I am confused from drinking, but I do not remember drinking much.” Sookie slowly got on to Jason’s mood and toned down a little. “What happened, Jason?”

“A bombing is what happened! That bar you went to was attacked by some mindfuck church guys. The cops still don’t know shit about what actually exploded inside though. It has been all over TV since two weeks, vampires and church folks fightin’ and debatin’ like a bunch of cackling hens!”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah…so after you were rescued by the cops and all, gran got a call from the big hospital in Shreveport that you were in an accident and had been taken there. So gran called me and went there and you were passed out. Gran was so scared! Heck, the old timer would have passed out herself if I weren’t the man of the family!”

Sookie rolled her eyes at that. Jason could not even fool himself, let alone his sister or the townspeople. Everyone knew who the man of the Stackhouse family was and it sure wasn’t Jason. But she felt very sorry for gran. She should not have been put through the wringer.

Jason was carrying on, in full report/town-gossip mode now, “So the owner of the attacked bar, the big blond scary vamp”, Sookie’s ears pricked at that and she didn’t have to think twice about who Jason was pointing to, “got all doctors and shit working on you and they did a lot of stuff but you wouldn’t wake up. They were all pretty scared of the vamp though. I am sure they could have done something if they weren’t being scrambled on a skillet by the vamp. But on the fourth day, we were told that you were respondin’ and all and Jesus was that swell!”

Sookie was staring at Jason now, trying to dig her memories of all that Jason was saying. “But that’s four days Jas…What was that about two weeks?”

“Oh yeah, you were still in coma and started getting scary fits. Then the doctors would call the blond vamp and they would do somethin’. I was dead against vampires around you when you were unconscious and all and hell I put up a fight but gran didn’t let me fight with them. She sure knows something I don’t! Do you believe that?” Jason actually scowled at that memory!

Sookie was just staring in disbelief at all of that information.

So Jason carried on, “So couple of days later gran had a talk with the evil vamp and they shifted you back home. I put up a fight for you sis but gran was so hell bent upon it, she didn’t listen to me. So they got you shifted here with their hospital stuff and drips and what not. That was yesterday night. Gran told me to go home but I sure as hell wasn’t leavin’ my baby sister anywhere near a vamp. I sure as hell stayed put. The vamp called up some other doctor and wouldn’t let us talk to the new one. They closed the door on us! Can you believe that?”

Jason huffed and Sookie silently nodded for him to go on.

“So then next day you wake up and give me a heart attack. What the hell? Whatever they did, at least I… uh… we have you back now!” he beamed.

“So you say that I was shifted back home and then I was ok?”

“Pretty much!”

They sat in silence, all thought of waking gran up gone from Jason’s fickle mind. He was only feeling thankful that his sister seemed ok and was sitting with him. Whatever shit he could pull, he loved Sookie and that was that.

However Sookie’s mind was in turmoil. She was shocked and confused and was furiously trying to remember whatever she could. That was till she remembered an important part of the whole story.

“Jason, did Eric get me doctors and treatment in Shreveport?”

“Yeah so? It was his bar that got you injured!”

Sookie rolled her eyes again, “Jas he didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to come visit. Bill told me he is some old powerful evil vampire. He really didn’t have to do anything for us. And that reminds me, where was Bill the whole time? You haven’t mentioned him!”

“Really Sook, that one is even shittier than the other shitty vamps! Out of all the two weeks, he came just once, on your last day there and made crazy faces at the blond one.”

“His name is Eric.”

“It won’t do me any good to know vamper names! I sure am good without having to keep track of their names. Just call them monster1, monster2 and the like…” and he actually stuck his tongue out.

Sookie grimaced before admonishing her grown up baby brother. “I owe him my life Jas. It has nothing to do with being a vamp or a human. From what you tell me, my boyfriend didn’t even show while I was in coma for two weeks and a stranger got me treated and took care of me. The least you can do is be civil about decent folk, in this house.”

“You sound like gran!”

“You sound like reverend Steve Newlin.”

“Hey his wife is hot!” Jason winked.

“Ughh… now you sound just like Jason.”

“You still sound like gran.”

It was Sookie’s turn to huff at her brother in frustration, “Just drink your beer. I am tired and feel all clammy. I think I will go have a shower.”

“Wait! You got to tell the folks that you are ok now. Sam’s been calling like crazy, four or five times a day and came to the hospital a couple of times.”

“AWW Jason I completely forgot about him and the bar. Arlene was sick that week and he was counting on me for all the extra shifts.”

“Don’t go worrying about it now. I told him we’ll call when you are all right and you can’t serve beer in a coma!”

Sookie gave up, “But I am sure you can drink beer in a coma and be as stupid as you are! Look Jas it is almost three in the morning and gran must be tired out of worry and all house chores so don’t wake her up. I’ll just take a shower and then eat something. Just stay put.”

She ignored the slight hurt look Jason gave her for the stupid comment and left her brother watching TV. Then she headed straight to the hall bathroom for a much needed shower. Sookie quickly stripped and stepped into the inviting hot water. Man did she need that water right then! She had so much to think about. The shower was her personal get away when things became too much to handle. That, and sunning religiously. There was no sun, so the shower would do very well instead. Tomorrow she would face everything that needed to be understood and faced up to. Right now, she just faced the shower head, closed her eyes and let the water wash over her in hot, relaxing waves and tried her best to not think about all the load of information crashing about in her head. Eyes still closed, she grabbed her honey and lavender scented body wash and slowly worked up a good lather. On her arms… shoulders… breasts… stomach… oh that felt good! She had finished with her legs, when a deep sensual voice whispered in her ear from behind her, “Can I help with the back?”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 08: While You Were Sleeping

  1. Jason always cracks me up in every FF story he is in !! But atleast he cares for Sookie!! Was that Eric asking her if he could wash her back!?


  2. I think one of the things that TB did was make Jason more likable, and ultimately more responsible. He is just too funny, he’s the poster child for being clueless..And now on to find out if Eric is in that shower with Sookie..


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