Chapter 04: Cerebration and Vacuity

Fucking hell! Why is my office shining like a fucking supernova!

Eric looked on as the lightshow lasted for a good five seconds and then everything went dark. First thing Eric noticed after the darkness took over again was the abrupt end to the cries of pain and hysteria from all around him. It was as if everyone was snapped shut and glamored off. Even the vampires! Fuck!

Pam was steadily gaining strength, so he left her sitting against the platform and rushed towards his office in confusion.

The office looked in shambles, everything thrown apart. Eric knew this was not because of the explosion outside. No, that destruction couldn’t reach here. He carefully studied the room. That girl he had previously saved was still in the same place, lying in the exact same position on the couch, as he had left her. She had some fresh blood on her face and neck. Strange! He felt her pulse and did a quick check for any outward injuries. None! He knelt beside her and tried to smell for any injury he could have missed.

This is not her blood and damn she smells great

He leaned in, just inches away from the crevice of her neck, and inhaled deeply. No, the blood on her face was definitely not hers. If it had been, he couldn’t have turned away from her.  

Eric studied every aspect of her vitals through his sensitive ears and nose but couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She appeared to be in some deep sleep state. Maybe she passed out.

Taking another appreciative headful of her scent, he turned to look for more clues. There at the back, under a fallen cabinet, lay the vampire who had brought this girl to Fangasia this evening. So it is his blood on her face, he quickly concluded. Maybe the vamp had healed her with his blood. That would surely explain her lack of any outward injuries. But something did not sit right here. Eric walked up to the young vampire and easily lifted the cabinet off him.

His eyes! What the hell happened to his eyes!

Bill’s eyes were scorched, through and through, slight wisps of black and red smoke still emanating from them as if the fire that had burned them had reached right inside his brain. Eric grimaced at the disgusting sight and smell. The eye balls were entirely missing as if someone had gauged them out of the sockets and despite being a vampire, Bill had clearly passed out from the pain. What a weasel!

So the weasel came here after the explosion outside to check on his pet, found her in some kind of injured state and decided to heal her. Then came the big bang and Bill was thrown back with scorched eyes. The question, how the hell did the light flash leave the girl untouched when it had clearly been powerful enough to spread outside and stun everybody. Her gallant companion was surely passed out at the back with barbequed eyes.

Eric could still remember been thrown forward on impact but neither did that happen usually, nor did he take it lightly.

Add to that, the girl was not injured when he carried her there, only unconscious. Humans did that when stressed out. She had done that after she shouted the hell out about the bomb. Wait, how did she know about the bomb?

He was definitely missing some important link and Eric was not someone who could turn away from the blatant puzzle on his hands.

He carefully tested the air around him.

No magic, no explosive, no burning except Bill Compton’s eyes.

Eric closed his eyes and concentrated. No other person had come here except himself, his meal of the evening, Pam, his day man Bobby maybe earlier during the day, and now a toasting vampire and a blonde human. No trace of anyone who could conjure that light up, because he sure as hell didn’t smell any fairies!

He turned towards the girl and watched her sleep, while again going over all the events in his mind in their order of being shoved at him. He was quickly drawing a blank out of the whole bloody mystery and Eric didn’t like that.

Ok then, start at the beginning. Start with the gutted human who carried the bomb. 

Eric started towards the door and glanced again at the softly breathing human on his couch. She really was beautiful in her own way. Why is she still unconscious? Maybe the shock….For all the talk of equal rights, humans really are breakable. Eric could tell by the ruckus outside that the firefighters had arrived. There was no fire to fight though. He didn’t have much time to investigate himself before all the evidence was trampled. Before he could get more distracted by the peacefully sleeping girl, he rolled his eyes at himself and crossed the threshold.


In his more than thousand mortal and immortal years in the world, Eric hadn’t once experienced anything that could prepare him for the shock waiting for him outside in the bar area. It was truly astounding. He gaped at the sleeping forms of humans all around him, lost in a deep slumber, covered with soot but without a single bleeding scratch on their frozen bodies. They were not bleeding, he could tell, vampire senses and all. They were just out of sorts in some kind of shock! Well that would really hit the news big time! Pam and his bartender Longshadow had been the only two vampires other than himself and Bill in Fangtasia that night. Pam was now stirring slightly, and Eric could tell that Longshadow was sprawled behind the bar, healing from the glass shards of broken bottles around him. There was one set of human remains around fifteen feet from his now dilapidated throne and platform, which apparently was all that was left of the bomber. He smelt the chemicals used for home-made explosives on the disjointed remains. No shred of clothing he found told him anything else about the dead meat. Pam hadn’t been at the door this evening so she wouldn’t know about his identity, and the humans who were manning the entrance would not remember!

Shit! This is going to be a long night. I need to cook up one hell of a story! At least the sleeping vermin don’t need glamoring! But if they were bloody awake, they could perhaps identify our cooked guest here. Hell, maybe one of these sleeping beauties was an accomplice.

He thought about it and quickly came up with a strategy.

If the remains were left here, they would show the nature of the first explosion and he wouldn’t be able to explain the lack of injury to all present. No good…

So Eric moved on to the second option.

If the cops didn’t find the remains of the bomber, they could be convinced that this had been some kind of sonic weapon, planted in his bar, which had somehow stunned everyone present. They would be confused and would have to keep tabs on everyone here and interrogate them to look for perpetrators and more clues. That would buy him time to get to them himself and find out if indeed anyone here was an accomplice or knew anything. It would turn into a full blown investigation which he would have to smother later…He shrugged at that unfazed…that was usual protocol and easily done. Whatever trace explosive and soot the investigators found could be removed, the investigators glamored to forget. The medics will clear the humans as apparently they were just shocked and might even have more insight into the humans’ present condition and Eric wouldn’t have to spend time to understand their state himself.

That decided, he didn’t spare a second thought on it and made quick work of removing and hiding the bomber’s remains, just as the firefighters started pounding the wreckage to make their way inside. Then, he returned to his office and carried the still unconscious Bill to the front of the building, to remove the attention of the investigators from his office. Eric tossed him to the floor outside and kicked him once on his side, which elicited a groan from Bill. Thus satisfied that Bill’s unconscious state was just passing, he gave him a parting kick and returned to ponder over his blonde guest.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 04: Cerebration and Vacuity

  1. Bill’s barbequed eyes !! Oh poor thing ! Eric and his quick thinking…I always like this of him..On TB infortunately this is missing Eric is always impulsive!!


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