Chapter 02: I See You

She walked into Fangtasia and out of the blue, just like that, Eric was painfully aware or her. Sookie Stackhouse was not extraordinary, nor was she a glorious beauty. She was around five and a half feet tall with a rounded wholesome figure. She wore a plain white cotton dress that covered all of those curves. Her hair was a deep rich gold color that would make her stand out in a sea of blonds, but almost as if she didn’t want to stand out, it remained subdued in a chaste pony tail at the top of her head.

Suddenly, Eric couldn’t concentrate on his bored expression and had to give in to a miniscule eye twitch. Somehow, everything around him became charged, and the electricity came from this one child of a woman, who looked totally out of place in the sea of vermin swarming his bar. Eric concentrated on the new scent, trying to place it somehow, trying to understand, but it was mixed with so much else. She walked away from him, demurely making her way with her date and went infuriatingly far, to a small booth, with an infuriating no count of a vampire who had checked in with him a few days ago. Eric’s sight had remained fixed on her from the moment she had entered, till the time she sat in the far away booth. Finally she sensed his gaze and looked up.

Eric saw the slight widening of her big dark brown eyes as she took in the huge frame of the seemingly bored Viking, spread out on his throne. She saw the big leather boots, the dark jeans on his long long legs, the black shirt and jacket doing little to hide his muscular flat abs, broad shoulders and the casually resting large hands. He had the perfect poker face of a disinterested aristocrat, the angular jaw expressionlessly locked over perfectly sensuous red lips. He had stepped right out of a Greek statue or a glossy fashion magazine. She took her time, taking in his glorious presence. When Sookie reached his eyes, she was trapped. His eyes were the most alive thing in the whole bar full of enthusiastic, intoxicated, dancing, falling depraved beings. His body could somehow fit there, somehow make sense in that bar, but the eyes were from far off. They were the blue of sparkling sunlit water, as wild and as stormy as the deepest ocean, dancing like the brooks on a rainy mountain. Sookie knew from past experience that she could not be glamoured, but looking into the strange godlike creature’s eyes for a moment, was compelling her to let go and loose herself. She struggled with the deep call coming from the tempestuous eyes of the stranger, which was nothing like the childish attempts of Bill to glamour and gain control over her.  She could almost taste the ancient layers of his mind working over hers, commanding her, coaxing her, caressing her to give herself up.

The moment Eric caught her gaze he felt an unmistakable pull, almost as if she could glamor him. In the same astounding moment, he found himself standing on a snowy cliff, looking over the deep blue ocean of his homeland. In the long, mostly tormented thousand years of his existence, he had never once found that forgotten memory, however much he tried to recreate it in his mind. He was swept in this vision…the vision of glorious sun on the choppy ocean, the ocean somehow completely nestled in the girl’s eyes. And he wanted to drown in that ocean.

“Stop staring Sookie!” Bill interjected, sounding almost angry. “Don’t look that way. That’s Eric, the vampire sheriff of this area, owner of this bar. Of all the ruthless vampires I have ever met, he certainly is the worst. You don’t want to attract his attention. Sweetheart, he tortures people for sport!” Bill was carrying on with the tirade and Sookie was not paying attention. Frankly this whole dating business was a little new to her, Bill being her first boyfriend and all, and she was still a free spirit at heart, not used to listening to instructions. She was not the unfaithful kind or casual with her relationship. Bill was her first and she certainly felt she loved him. She could go to the end of the world with him. But the tall demigod in front of her surreptitiously hogged all her awareness and she couldn’t turn away from him.

“Sookie are you listening?! Look at me!” Bill grabbed her arm and hissed angrily at her.

With monumental effort, she turned her head and looked her date, feeling a little dizzy from the moment of struggle with Eric. It was annoying really. Even knowing what the handsome strange vampire was doing to her, she had felt almost safe being surrounded in his force. In those few moments of thrall, she felt as if she had been floating in the ocean of his eyes and had transcended to another world, a world surprisingly full of light and joy. Now she was rudely pulled back to the dark, noisy bar and found herself in the company of the void mind of Bill Compton, her boyfriend.

When she turned her eyes, Eric was suddenly yanked back to Fangtasia and had a moment of haze, which for the record had never ever happened to him as a vampire. He saw the way Bill roughly held her upper arm, shaking her. He saw the small tug at the corner of her lips that didn’t quite become the smile it was meant to be. This more than anything else, angered him.

Before Sookie could let Bill know of her annoyance, and before she could build up her mental shields after Eric had swept them away, she heard a loud hateful exclamation from somewhere behind her. She turned and saw a guy in ordinary checked shirt and trousers, looking furtively around him. She was already on her feet as the guy thought about his hidden bomb again.

“I am going to destroy this filth,,, I am soldier of God!”

Bill stood up, more annoyed than before, “Sookie! Did you even listen what I told you about Eric?”

“HUSH Bill!” she shot back, having a vague idea of some vampire sheriff business Bill was going on about.

“Sookie sweetheart, are you still sure you want to ask around about those murdered women right now? This is not the place to ask for help. I offer again that I will find out the murderer for you.”

The hateful rant assailed her again, “Look at that demon, sitting on Hell’s throne…I am going to kill him first and go to heaven…”

Sookie was getting desperate and Bill was driveling on. She had to do something. She looked at the stranger named Eric again. He was still looking at her and she made up her mind.

“Bill let go of my arm.”

“Sookie what has gotten into you?”

Getting more and more irritated with Bill, she struggled against his hold and he let go in surprise.

Bill didn’t know what was going on. He hadn’t wanted to come here this evening. He’d rather keep Sookie all to himself in his home but Sookie was no doormat. Each day with her was a new struggle for the vampire. He simply couldn’t understand why she wanted to investigate the murders that had happened in her town Bon Temps. The police had Sookie’s brother Jason and were investigating the matter. Why wouldn’t his headstrong and willful mate let the police do their job and head to his advice by concentrating on her own safety? Bill didn’t care much about Jason. The human was totally wild and out of hand. Now he had walked into trouble of his own making. But Sookie was a different matter altogether. She was a well brought up Southern girl and all his experience in women said and southern girls were supposed to be respectful to authority. Bill considered himself to be the grown up in their relationship, and when he told her to do something, he expected Sookie to comply happily. Right now, she didn’t look willing enough to comply. With an effort, Bill changed tact. He dropped her arm and stood in front of her, looking worried.

“Sweetheart, are you not feeling well? Do you wish me to take you home?”

Sookie did not have time for her overbearing boyfriend right now. She could make peace with him later. Right now she needed to alert Eric about the human bomb in his bar. She frantically looked again towards Eric.

Eric had followed the little exchange between Compton and the girl with his extraordinary hearing and sight. He understood a lot more than he saw. So when she looked at him from across the floor, he clearly understood her look. He turned to Pam, “Pam, engage Compton for a minute.”

“No shit! Do I get a diamond for the engagement?” Pam deadpanned.

Sookie was looking at him again, more desperate this time.

“Pam go!!” Surprisingly this human was making him as desperate as she was.

By now all Sookie could concentrate on was the hate speech. “Bill, get out of the way!”

“I am a soldier of God! I have a higher purpose! I have to prove my worth to God!”

She didn’t have a choice now. She needed to stop the bomber before innocent people were killed. As loud as she could manage to be heard atop the noise in the bar, Sookie shouted, “BOMB!!! Bomb in the bar!”

There was a rush of movement around her and then suddenly all went dark for Sookie and she collapsed in the stampede.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 02: I See You

  1. Sookie should walk away from Bill right now she found a better vampire…Eric!!! I never can understand the hard on that AB had for Bill….Now with BB as showrunner the show is a big fat joke!!


  2. hopefully this Sookie is smart enough to leave Bill by the door. She outed herself the hard way. did someone dive on her when she blacked out or was she just trampled. until i turn the page. KY .


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