Chapter 01: The Vision

“Erik, rise!”

There was a deep authority in the voice that gave the gentle command; authority that could not be refuted. Vampires had to heel to their maker’s commands. This however was not a makers command. Not by long shot. But he could not ignore the pull. Suddenly Eric had to open his eyes in the middle of the day. He was wide awake. Something that shouldn’t have been possible…He took in the face bent over him, immediately feeling the warm hand stroking his hair. She was tall, around six feet in height, very unusual for a woman. She had flowing hair of pure gold, a soft yet angular jaw with a slight cleft in the chin. She had an aura of pure love and pure magic around her and she looked at him with a love not possible to fathom for someone of this dimension, of this time, mortal or immortal. She was all that and yet when Eric became aware of her presence, all he could do was look into the deep pools of her eyes, eyes as blue as the North sea. The flecks of turquoise and cobalt blue pulled him in and held him there. He forgot where he was, forgot the time of the day, even forgot he was a vampire. All his awareness was drowning in those eyes, all his careful control was slipping and his mind went blank.

For the first time in over a thousand years, Eric Northman, vampire sheriff Area 5 Louisiana, mighty Viking warrior, felt what it was like to be glamored. And surprisingly, he didn’t care. He was looking into the eyes that were a soft gust of fragrant wind after millennia of hot arid dust storms. He knew those eyes. He could never forget them even if it had been a thousand years since he had looked into them. A small smile appeared on the corner of his lips, even as the same ghost of a smile appeared on the woman’s mouth. He had always had the same smile, the same hair, the same chin and yes, he had always had the same eyes as his mother.

She looked intently at his face, as her son recognized her. Then the ghost of her smile vanished and she became very serious. “Listen carefully…All the angst of a thousand years had a purpose. You were taken from me but I never abandoned you. When you are ready, you will learn all about me and how I can now come to you.” She waited for a breath and made sure she still had his rapt attention. “You are in grave danger. Seek the purpose you were brought to this world for. Only with that can you be truly free. Find the light. Find the light my son and you will be free!”

Suddenly it was dark. Eric woke with a start and immediately knew it in his body that it was two in the afternoon. He didn’t get a chance to ponder over the startling dream and was immediately pulled to day death again. There he lay, dead to the world, safe in his own sanctuary, totally oblivious to the turn his life was soon going to take.


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