Chapter 02

Song Inspiration



Eric’s POV


She looks more at ease after a drink… or two. The drinks gave us time to talk a bit more and get more comfortable with each other, whatever much was possible at least, and indulge in some light flirting, which Angel is quite good at. Actually she is proving to be very good at teasing me. Suddenly Sophie puts a hand on Angel’s knee and asks what is the most erotic moment of her life. She smiles. I don’t know what all she has done and not done. But she has a beautiful smile. It lights up her face. Given the circumstances of our meeting, the smile is oddly innocent.

Angel glances at me, again for only a split second, before turning back to my wife. “I don’t know how to say it.”

In a move that totally surprises me, Sophie gets up, takes her hand, pulling her towards the bedroom, “Then why don’t you show it?”

Oh fuck me!

I haven’t heard that tone from my wife before. Ever.

And she didn’t take charge like that even when she played my Dom. This might just turn out to be a much more exciting night than I was thinking. I am still standing rooted on the spot in front of the bar, staring after the two women going towards the bedroom. Sophie is wearing a red silk robe and Angel is just that…a white shiny angel. Both of them together, total opposites of each other, giving me looks like that, is turning me on like hell.

Sophie turns to me, and winks. “You coming or what?”

Fuck yeah I am… …I shake off my daze and follow after the two.

Sophie makes Angel sit on the edge of the huge bed and stands between her legs, running her hands lightly up and down her arms. I can’t keep away and come to stand behind Sophie and put my hands on her hips, pressing and rubbing myself on her back. Angel hesitates for a moment but then brings her hands forward to place them on Sophie’s waist, again lightly, gently caressing. Her fingertips brush mine, and an electric current runs throughout my body at that one small touch.

What the fuck was that!!

I pause and stare at her…

And her clear blue eyes are trained on me, shining with growing want. I hadn’t noticed before. Her eyes are out of the world too. I hold her gaze and dip my head to run my lips on Sophie’s exposed neck. The groan that I hear might have come from Sophie. It might have been Angel. All I can see right now is how Angel’s eyes are darkening. Sophie cups the girl’s cheeks and turns her face to look at her. I almost miss the eye contact when she moves her gaze from me to Sophie and leans a little back as Sophie places a knee on the bed to kiss her. Sophie kisses her eyes, her nose and then lightly brushes her lips against hers. The way she is angling her body towards Angel is making her hips grinding more onto me.

Again taking the lead, Sophie asks in a low whisper, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Angel shakes her head in a no. She is breathing in short breaths and her chest is rising and falling, pulling my eyes towards the little cleavage her dress is showing.

Sophie kisses her nose again, “I want to watch you with Eric first.” She kisses her jaw, “Are you ok with that?”

Angel looks at me again and bites her lip. “Yes” she is whispering too.

Sophie turns from the half sitting, half lying down Angel on the bed and pulls me for a kiss as she takes hold of my hands. She gives me a lusty look and smirks, “I want to watch you Eric.”

At the point, I don’t have a fucking clue whether I nodded or responded or not. She pulls at my hand and places it on Angel’s leg. Sophie moves to sit on the bed behind the girl and gets on her knees, while she slowly removes her robe. She is wearing a red silk corset, which is pushing up her breasts, and a matching sheer thong. The way she removes her robe, she makes sure she touches herself everywhere I like to touch her, making small moans as she does it. She knows what that is doing to me.

Angel shifts back and begins to remove her shoes. Oh no not those shoes…

I hold her wrist. “Leave those on.”

She smiles coyly and moves the hand that I am holding, slowly up her body, dragging my hand with her, all across her velvet smooth legs, to the top of her dress, on the side where there is a hidden zipper.


She can’t know how much I like that…The girl has everything right to the fucking ‘T’. In a voice that is more devilish than angelic, she asks, “What about this dress? Want me to leave this on?”

I groan…more like growl as I take hold of the zipper and pull it down, slowly exposing her side, till her waist. I brush my fingertips on her exposed side and she shivers a bit. Again, I am jolted with an electric current from her skin to mine. I shouldn’t be getting so carried away with this stranger, especially in front of my wife, but talk about chemistry! And my wife seems to be enjoying it as much as I am…She shifts back a little more, slipping out of her slinky white dress, exposing a white satin strapless bra and white panties with little red cherries embroidered on them.

I love those cherries…I want to devour all of them…

And I need to touch her…right fucking now…

I curl a finger towards her, beckoning her to me, as I unbutton my shirt and she crawls towards me and takes hold of the button on my pants. With the riot my dick is throwing in there, I doubt it will be easy for her to unzip me out of those…Thank fuck I didn’t go commando. My shirt is somewhere behind us, and she, is still struggling. I look down and her little fingers are shaking a little. I grab her hands in one of mine and lean in for a kiss. This time she doesn’t lean back. Our lips touch and both of us pause, not breathing, not moving, not even doing the kissing thing. I move my face an inch back and look at her. By the look in her eyes, she felt something too. Then she moves in and my lips crash on hers.






What was the most erotic moment of my life?

I don’t know about my twenty one years, four months and two days gone by already. As of right fucking now, this moment right here is the one and only one standing in the fucking competition. Forget about the fumbling, mumbling, boys I’ve been with. Right now, with Eric buried deep inside of me, reaching places I never knew existed in my own fucking body, hitting spots of pleasure my fingers never even dreamt of hitting right, playing me like the perfect fiddle, is the moment I never want to end. My body is drenched in sweat. My pulse is off the charts. My mind is a jumbled mass of pleasure and need and pleasure and pain…And pleasure…

All I am aware of is Eric’s stormy blue eyes, boring into me, pinning my gaze to his, as he moves in and out, in and out of me, at a delicious pace. Sophie is teasing and pulling my oversensitive nipples, raw from the biting Eric did before, and kissing Eric at the same time. But he is looking at me. That look in his eyes is the most erotic thing I have experienced in my life.

He is thickening now…about ready to come…He moves his hand that was clutching my ass, to my clit, and starts rubbing. One pass, two passes…I start moaning on the third and my legs go around him to hold him close while he stiffens and shouts out profanities as he comes deep inside me, pushing me over the edge too.

Oh God Ericfucking yess…yess…yesssss” I scream as my juices gush all over his cock.

His hands pause for a few seconds and dig into me as his eyes loose focus for a bit when he gets to his release. I have already lost track of my orgasms some time ago…Why do I bother?!

Eric keeps moving for a bit, slowly now, as we both come down from our incredible high. “Oh yes Baby…that’s right…give it to me…” His thumb is still rubbing my clit and I have no control over my shaking, twitching body, “You like it like that don’t you!” he removes his cock but his magic hands keep rubbing my clit.


Yeah that’s all I can come up with at the point. My brain is practically chanting his name as a mantra now.


Like clockwork!

I think I pass out for a bit. Because when I come to again, Eric is lying down on the bed beside me and Sophie is sucking his Viking sized gracious plenty. He sits up and gives her ass a nudge. Without taking her mouth off of him, Sophie shifts and turns her body towards him as he lowers down again, straddling his face. This couple has their communication all worked out.

Eric growls into her and Sophie begins bobbing up and down as he begins to harden. Fucking again!

Holy fucking hell! The guy has stamina…

Not that I am complaining.

It doesn’t take long before Sophie starts shaking with an impending release. She lets go of him and sits up, pinching her breasts and moaning loudly. All I can do is watch with rapt attention. Something about the scene in front of me is so primal and arousing that I am drawn to them like a moth to fire. I straddle Eric’s thighs and take him in my mouth. And I am again on fire.

Mmmmm… the taste! His taste…so good…I could blow him all night and still want more. His cock throbs as I close my mouth around the head and flick my tongue over the slit. He is huge. I can hardly fit him in my mouth. But I make do with my hands where my mouth doesn’t reach. His right hand comes to rest at the side of my head, keeping my hair in place. He threads his fingers in my hair and gently caresses my cheek with his palm.

Something about that one action and the way he is caressing my face, is so, so…I don’t know, because the word is playing hide and seek in my scrambled brain and my coherent thought is in shreds.

Sophie shouts out her orgasm and drops on her back, trying to catch her breath, one hand clutching one of Eric’s hands.

Panting, he props himself on his elbows and I get the full blast of his special, special gaze again. His eyes are enchanting. Hypnotic…They are tugging at walls I built so meticulously, so long ago, coaxing me to open them up for him. They reach into me and turn my being upside down.

That look in his eyes is the most erotic thing I have experienced in my life. Ever…







10 thoughts on “Chapter 02

      • Ha. I struggle with lemons too. They can get very repetitive so I struggle against that and trying to add enough detail without making it totally offensive. It depends on the style of the story and the voice of the character. You did a wonderful job. Very sensual and your description of the way he was looking at her—very sexy!


    • Oh I had very good inspiration for that eye contact thing I wrote (think straw dogs *wink*) and though I didn’t like what was happening in the movie, I completely came apart watching that expression Alex had on his face. It’s the best lusty/needy/demanding expression I’ve ever see. Period.

      And for the record, I love the lemons you write 🙂


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