Chapter 01

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Eric’s POV

“Are you sure of this?”

She bit her lip for a moment and then nodded, “Yes…Whatever it takes…”

I had to smile. “You are making it sound like a war.” She chuckled. “Try to relax. And remember, this is for both of us. We are doing this for both of us. Just tell me if gets to be too much.”

She nodded again, letting out a breath and looking a bit more relaxed now. She cupped my cheek and looked closely in my eyes. “I trust you.”

Well that was some progress. It might have taken her a whole month of being my Dom in the bedroom, which, turns out, had not been easy for me. One, I am not submissive, not by long shot. Two, she was unsure about everything. But we went through with it. A whole month later if she had come to the point where she could say that she trusts me, then, I think the therapist was onto something right. By hearing each others secret fantasies and then if possible, making them a reality, we were in effect taking a step to better know each other and be a better giver.  That’s what made marriages click right?

I gave her what she wanted. Now it was her turn. So here we were, in a luxury hotel suite, out of town, waiting for my secret fantasy to come through the door. I had been apprehensive to tell it to her at first. You see a dom-sub thing was what happened between the two of us and no one needed to know or get involved. But a threesome, with another woman, even if it was a stranger, brought someone else in the picture. I was nervous, but I was excited. This was my fantasy. And I was going to live it. With my wife! How many guys can say that?

There was a knock at the door and we both jumped.

“Do you want to open up and talk to her first Sophie?”

She seemed unsure and didn’t answer. So I made the decision for us. “Ok. We are going together.” I stood up and held out a hand to her, “C’mon.”

She stood and took my hand. The knock was repeated. With Sophie at my side, I opened the door.  In front of me stood a young girl…blonde, beautiful, curvy, tan, blushing a little.

And her eyes go wide when she sees me…

“Hello.” She stares at me and then at Sophie and then again at me while her cheeks fill with color, “I am Angel.” She shows me the card from the club with a number and I show her the similar card that we were given, with the same number.


From the Heaven side of the Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures.

It was obviously a made up name, no doubt, to protect her identity. But somehow, it suited her. The people at the House had taken down our profiles and general likes, dislikes and comfort areas. They chose who would join us in our fantasy this evening. Obviously, they didn’t disappoint. I gave her a pleasant smile and invited her in. “Hello Angel. I am Eric. This is my wife Sophie. Please come in.”

I noticed her shoes when she stepped inside. Gold, tall, studded, Fuck-me-right-now heels, which made her tan legs look delicious. She was wearing a white embroidered fit and flair kind of short dress with sparkles of some type that shimmered when she moved. Angel theme dressing perhaps? Whatever it was, I wasn’t complaining. Her hair was left loose and curled and almost reached the top of her hips, hiding her tiny waist from behind. She reached the middle of the sitting room and turned to look around her.

“I hope you two have read the contract and terms. The House gets us all tested before and after the…dates…so we know we are all clean. Do you have any question for me?”

She was looking at Sophie when she talked about the questions. That was really tactful of her. Because usually, in these situations, the wife would want to feel in control and comfortable. I looked at Sophie too.

“Have you done this before?”

Angel glanced at me for a split second, before turning to my wife again. “Although this comes under personal information that I don’t tell, but you mentioned in your paperwork that this was your first time. Just to be more comfortable about each other, I want you guys to know that this is a first of sorts for me too. I joined the club to seek” she paused and considered her words carefully before continuing, “something unconventional… And I, uhh, asked for a couple…like you…” the red of her cheeks spreads to her neck, “so that there was no way for any strings or attachments afterwards. I don’t want any of those.”

Perfect logic, if you ask me!

I clearly heard Sophie let out another relieved breath, one she had probably been holding since Angel walked in. “Well that does make things better. Don’t they Eric?”

I walked to Sophie and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. “Yes. Yes that’s good I suppose.” I look at Angel. She is not showing it on her face but I know she is nervous. Her twitching hands and feet are giving her away. She has an undecipherable expression in her eyes as she watches the two of us. “Do you want a drink? There’s a bar here. We can order room service if you want anything else?”

Whatever she was thinking, she comes out of it and smiles. “Yes a drink would be lovely. Can I have a gin and tonic?”




Sookie’s POV


I cannot be serious!

I feel like giggling…passing out…turning on my high heels and running…you get the picture…But on top of all of that, I am feeling an odd kind of excitement and that is very freeing…

When I shared this particular torrid secret truth of my secret fantasy in that torrid game of truth or dare with Amelia and Pam, and we added it up to the ‘list’, I did not know that a year later, I would actually be doing this for real. So right now, I am walking towards the presidential suite of the Ritz, in Amelia’s overpriced heels, primped and perfected within an inch of my life…all for the sake of acting out a fantasy and crossing out an important right of passage act from our ‘growing a set’ list.

Yeah that’s what we actually call it!

Pam came up with this name and we haven’t had anything better since then, so the name stuck.

I still can’t believe I am doing this though! Imagine what gran would say…Crap! She would die…then come back from the dead and kill me! Then pull me back with her and make me chose a switch. Again!

I almost turn on my heel at the thought. Figuratively of course. Because, I am currently in a dazzling elevator made of mirrors and turning on my heel would not take me back. My breathing quickens as the elevator approaches the top floor, fast closing the distance between me and my stupid, stupid fantasy.

I shouldn’t have said it in the first place!

I should have known Pam and Amelia would start seeing each other, thus fulfilling the requirement of the steady couple, and then calling the House for a participant for their threesome. Another woman. At least they had each other, for support, and to cut down on the awkward…Going by the racket they created in their bedroom down the hall, they had a hell of a night.

No such luck for me!

At least the House had the prerequisite of testing for STDs and other diseases before encounters, background checks to ensure safety of the participants and contracts to keep anonymity. Pam and Amelia were members. It didn’t take them long to get me a membership too, especially for the purpose of this night. So much for one stupid fantasy!

I stare at my infinite reflections in the mirrors and take a deep breath. I am not ugly although like everyone, I too, have my bad days…But tonight, the girls have turned me into a siren. My white dress is working beautifully for my eyes and tan. My hair is loose and falling in neat shiny waves over my back. Amelia’s Jimmy Choos are sinfully elongating my legs. They stayed their hands with makeup, giving me a very natural look. Just some mascara and lip gloss and my ever present natural blush. They knew I would be blushing and did not mess with the artificial ones. Well, going by how I look right now, they were damn right!

The elevator stops and the doors slide open, bringing me out of my thoughts…

You can do this Sook! Find your inner goddess and let go!

Finding the suite is a no brainer. They don’t call it a presidential suite for nothing. Before I reach the door, I send a quick text to the girls, letting them know I am going in. Ten seconds later and before I have knocked, I get a reply from Amy – ‘Yay…Go get some!

I can’t help a chuckle that sounds too loud in the empty hallway. But the text puts me at ease. I know we three are in this together…Not in the threeway way but…you get the picture! And to be honest, this was originally my idea. Something I had always thought about and something that always gave me material for dry days when it was just my fingers and me…

Without any more second thoughts, I knock. Thirty seconds and still nothing. I knock again. The door opens.


Fuck a zombie!

“Hello” God! Indict me in your order of faithful servants…From this moment onwards, I am your naughty dirty angel…Just do whatever you want with me…I am yours “I am Angel.

Shit! Did I say that out loud? Angel!! Really?


Apparently, this God also knows I am bullshitting…But he is merciful…He smiles!

That smile!

And he cocks an eyebrow!

Boy oh Boy! I am going to be the death of me! Maybe I am already dead and gone to the wet-dreams-heaven-land.

“Hello Angel. I am Eric. This is my wife Sophie. Please come in.”


Umm Wife?

Of course wife you fool! My own requirement…My own fucking preference of being with a steady couple!

Damn I was already crushing over a married guy! That won’t do!

I mentally take a step back. It’s not easy. Eric is easily the most handsome man I have ever seen. I know this is a one time thing. Maybe focusing more on the wife would help…Yes, now that’s a great idea…

I step inside and we make small talk. He mixes me my gin and tonic and now I am obsessing over his big bad hands! I would be jumping this guy if he was not married…and never coming off of him…

Wait…I am still going to jump this guy, even if I’d have to come off…Mmmmm…Yay for me!



Sookie’s Outfit
















11 thoughts on “Chapter 01

      • I have a memory like an elephant, sometimes it’s good other times it’s annoying… Glad to see you start it up again I enjoyed this story when I thought I wouldn’t, that’s always a marking of a promising fic to me.


  1. Yay! Go Sookie! If Eric had to be married, at least they get to bang each other. But for me hope springs eternal. Boy, I am glad Sookie is not a slut on a full time basis. Maybe Eric being the Alpha Male he is will get tired of Sophie being the Dom and divorce her, then the real plot will unfold. Update Update Update and soon please. I need my fix of these two on a regular basis from incredible authors like you. Pretty please with a cherry on top.


    • So basically, since we all live this fantasy with Sookie and Eric, I wanted her to get lucky and be with him even in an impossible situation and I found this way to do it :)…
      Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. Sometimes I need a pretty push with a cherry on top to get my ass in gear and write 🙂


  2. Not even sure how I find the story but very excited to know it is yours… And just the right thing to start on #TrueSuck day!!! Wonder how the dynamics will work once they get into it… mmmhhh….


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