Chapter 08

Sookie’s POV

Eric is getting dressed and taking his work phone-call in the bedroom while I am in the sitting room still tackling breakfast. I would have finished already if I could stop grinning for two seconds and eat my damn pancakes swimming in maple syrup, just as I like them.

Now that Eric is not sitting across from me, I have stopped trying to pretend like a grown up with reference to my morning adventures of the kissing kind, and the full-fledged grin attack is back with a vengeance. I know I am acting like a fan-girl but I can’t stop. In my head, I am still in his bed, making out with him for all I am worth.

Eric can kiss like a house on fire. But I already knew that.

What’s new is that today, all we did was kiss and grope each other. And for the fifteen short minutes we had, we did it like we had all the time in the world to spend in his bed; If only we did have all the time in the world and he didn’t have to prepare and take his conference call though, I am sure we could have progressed to the next base…

Eric peeks out from the bedroom door, all dressed-up, wet haired and handsome in a sky blue button down shirt, which is still half unbuttoned and dark jeans that hug him like I want to. He is still on his conf-call.

He leans on his side at the threshold, resting his head on the door and gazes at me with his soulful blue eyes while he speaks on his phone and buttons up the cuffs of his shirt.

Ummmm…what was I sayin’?

He mimes eating at me and without looking down at my plate, I obediently take a forkful of my blueberry pancake, dunk it in maple syrup and stuff my face with a much too large bite. It’s large enough that I can’t work my mouth properly to chew it. So much for acting like a respectable grownup!

Eric shakes his head, silently laughing, and saunters over to me. He rolls out the bar stool I am sitting on and turns it to bring me closer and make me face him. He shifts my legs a bit and steps forward to stand between them, one arm resting on the bar at my right and the other on the stool, towards my left.

“Yes Stanley. I looked through the presentation. You need to cut back on the technical jargon on some of the slides. Include the projected turnover KPI graphs and remove the tabular charts. Keep in mind that our target audience is the business development guys, not the technology team. I have marked out the changes I want and sent it to you to finalize.” He says, all bossy and business like in the mouthpiece (pssst… bossy business-like Eric is hot).

While speaking, Eric glances at my mouth and runs his thumb at the side of my lips, wiping a drop of maple syrup I must have spilt. Then he brings his thumb to his mouth, licks it up and then sucks his thumb.

Holy mother of… …I must have forgotten to chew because he again has to mime chewing at me.

I mentally shake myself and promptly get busy, trying to swallow the bite and trying my best to do it as gracefully as possible. He reaches for my plate of pancakes behind me, bringing me eye-level with his chest, displayed through the open buttons of his shirt, and his scent hits me.

I thought the pancakes smelt heavenly, but now, I can’t help shutting my eyes and just breathing in his sumptuous scent. I just hope I didn’t groan in appreciation.

A drop of water from his wet hair lands on my neck and starts to slowly slide inside the shirt I am wearing.

“Technically speaking, everything is…is…” he says as he straightens after grabbing my plate. His gaze travels down too, right along with that water drop, scorching a hot trail on my exposed neck, and some flesh below, “perrrfect…” he purrs.

He patiently waits for me to finish with my current bite. As soon as I am done, he cuts a small piece of pancake, making sure to include a blueberry in the bite, dips it in the maple syrup, and holds it up for me.

I open my mouth and bite.

This goes on for a while. Eric keeps up with his meeting and feeds me side by side. I just sit, eat and swing my legs on the tall stool… and thoroughly enjoy his company. Even if he is on the phone, I don’t once get the feeling that he is not being attentive to me. And although the act of eating is pretty tame, his intent hot gaze on me makes eating pancakes a very sensual experience.

I don’t even notice how much I ate or when the food is done already!

“Make sure all the paperwork is complete for the China trip. Godric, did Chao receive his visa?” He asks and leans over me, to put the plate back where he picked it up from, again giving me the full blast of eau de Eric Northman. I quickly swipe at the corner of my plate and then drag my finger beside my lips again, deviously planting some maple syrup for him to clean up.

See? I’m good with this seduction stuff!

“I don’t understand how a guy named Chao gets trouble for a Chinese visa. Work on it and have him there latest by Wednesday. And Stan, send me the reports by end of today, PST. I need them first thing Monday for my meeting with Ching. Yes… … No… …Yes and I’ll talk to you guys later… Yeah bye…”

He straightens up to remove the earpiece, looks at the maple syrup on my face and cocks an eyebrow.

Oh look! You made a mess!” I point at my cheek.

Eric grins and threads his huge hands in my hair, dipping his head, and gives me a noisy kiss on my mouth.

“I am very good at cleaning up…” he whispers over my lips and proceeds to slowly kiss my cheeks and lick them, clearing out the maple syrup, thoroughly I must say.

“Mmmmm mmmm” I can’t help but sigh and wrap my arms around his neck to pull him closer, “make sure you don’t miss a single spot.”

I wouldn’t dare!” He smirks and kisses my lips again, sweetly at first and then sucks my lower lip. I open my mouth for more and bite his upper lip. He groans and tilts my head a little to the side, his lips just touching mine lightly, as he breaths me in for a few sensuous seconds. Then his hungry lips land on mine again.

Eric presses himself against me, letting me feel exactly what I am doing to him, and considering my outfit which comprises of just his shirt and a pair of flimsy barely there panties, I think he can feel how hot and bothered he is making me too. Feels so fucking fantastic to be able to cling onto him like that.

His large hands slowly massage my hips, moving lower, and lower, and lower till they land on my thighs, right where the fabric of his shirt ends. His touch on my bare skin raises goose bumps all over my legs and I shiver involuntarily. His warm fingers dip past the hem of the shirt, caressing my legs lightly, just as he bites my lip and sucks on it…

I move my hands to his front, inside the open part of his shirt and drag my long nails over his chest, brushing his nipples.

He growls and suddenly his hands grab my thighs roughly. His fingers reach far inside the shirt and curl half an inch inside the lacy corners of my panties. Oh Boy… it would be so easy for him to rip them right off my needy dripping core.

Fuck! You’re so fucking wet Angel! Please remind me why we need to take things slow again?” he practically growls on my lips…

His voice is rough and raspy. It touches me just like his hands do. And I can’t help but moan.

Right now I can’t think of the reason why I told him we needed to take things slow this morning. Right now, my body begs for his touch. My heart craves to be close to him anyway I can. He is so big. His hands, his arms, his chest, so strong and sturdy. Dependable…Powerful…

Eric leans back and looks at me with this look in his eyes that makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the world.

Fuck going slow!

Touch me Errriic….” I whisper.

“Are you sure?” He whispers back, giving me the choice I don’t want. He doesn’t remove his fingers from my panties though.

I look at him for two seconds, considering my response. Then with deliberate, but shaking fingers, begin unbuttoning his shirt…

One…two…three…almost done…

Eric takes a step back, moving out of my reach and yanks his shirt off, his piercing eyes holding me almost paralyzed on the spot. We reach out to each other, his large hands land on my lower back and ass, mine in his hair, as he easily lifts me from the stool. I wrap my legs around him and fold my arms around his naked shoulders. He turns around and pushes me against the marble pillar beside the bar, and starts biting and placing open-mouthed kisses on my neck.

My panties are pushed to a side and he rubs my clit with the palm of his hand, moving in tight circles. A scorching heat starts building around my clit, right where he is rubbing me.

It feels good. Really good! I haven’t felt that good since…since…

Eric’s mouth reaches my ear and he bites my earlobe. I can feel his heavy breaths on my neck. And when he licks a spot I didn’t know I had…

Ericthat’s sooo…” Just then, he puts half of his thick finger in my dripping pussy and presses the top of my mound more than he was before. I scream with my sudden release, clutching his arms for support.

“Oh God!!That was…that was…” my fastest orgasm till date, “the best!”

I am still struggling to catch my breath when he presses my body to the pillar with his and holds me tight.

Hardly! We are just getting started here!” he growls playfully and nips my chin. It makes me giggle.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders and Eric picks me up. Just when I move my legs to circle his waist, Eric’s phone starts jumping and beeping like an obnoxious toad on the bar table.

Fuck!” he literally barks, startling the hell out of me, and looks over at his phone, “Fucking Godric!” he growls, not playfully this time, as he sees the caller’s name.

Must you take this?” I say, and it sounds awfully whiny to me.

“I bet he is already at my door.” Eric replies with a sigh and pushes the green button, putting the phone on speaker. I cling to him like spider monkey and rest my head on his shoulder.

“Hey Eric. Are you in your room?” says a deep but cheerfully bright male voice.

“Yes I am here. And I am guessing you are outside my door?”

“Of course boss. Thought we’ll go over your itinerary for next week while we’re still here.”

Eric gives me a look which says ‘told you so’…

“Alright. Give me a moment…I am coming.”

Sob! Looks like I’m not cumming then!

Eric disconnects the phone and looks at me apologetically, “That was my assistant and I am really sorry he’s being a world class cock-block right now. Would you like to meet him? He is pretty much a constant fixture in my life.”

“Ummm… wouldn’t it be better if people from work didn’t know about us? For now at least?”

He chews his lip as he mulls my point over. “You are right about the people from work. But Godric is different. He is practically family to me. But we’ll stick to whatever you are comfortable with.”

“Ok” I nod but pout for good measure.

He kisses the tip of my nose and then without warning, drops and immediately catches me to pick me up bridal style.

“ERIC!” I shriek, “What are you doing?”

Eric chuckles and starts walking towards his bedroom, “You’re still going to the bedroom. I don’t want anyone else to see you like this.” He adds seriously.

“So, are you going to chain me and hide me in your bedroom Mr. Northman?” I ask sweetly and bat my eyes.

His eyes widen and then he starts shaking with laughter. We reach the bedroom door, which he kicks open and takes us inside.

“Not to hide you Sookie!” he sits me on the bed and kneels in front of me to cup my face and make me look into his eyes, “I’ll never hide you…But these…” he glances at my beloved 34DDs, which I am sure are very visible from under his white shirt, “need to be hidden from my perpetually horny assistant. Where’s your bra?”

Now why didn’t I think of it? Oh… I know why. I was being kissed silly. And had an express orgasm. I wasn’t thinking. At all! Not that I haven’t had my fair share of liberated woman moments, but I will never go braless in front of people from work and especially Eric’s assistant.

So I look around the room to search for the missing piece of clothing, “Should be around here somewhere.”

Eric grins and stands up to go, “I’ll go see to him. You can come out if you want, whenever you are ready.” He kisses my head, snags a t-shirt that was lying by his pillow and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.


Eric’s POV

I leave a relatively happy Sookie on my bed, happy but clearly frustrated, and move towards the door.

But how the fuck am I supposed to deal with my frustrated hard on and hide it too?

I chant differential equations in my head as I pull the t-shirt over my head and walk towards the main door of the suit, my tried and tested way to get presentable for company, and though it takes longer than a minute, it does work. At least enough for Godric to not overly notice my state.

I open the door to find my nerdy assistant, bright and smiling, with two cups of coffee in one hand and his usual satchel of stuff on his shoulder, waiting for me.

“I am letting you in only because you got my Mocha Frappuccino. The hotels never get it right.” I take the cups from him and usher him inside.

“Glad to be of use, although I’d say your pretty face is quite the motivation!” Godric winks and walks in, only to halt, sniff and then give me the stink eyes.

“You ate blueberry pancakes? And bacon? Alone?”

Oh yes of course. Godric and his supernatural food sniffing ability!

The guy is a glutton. The more the merrier, is his motto. And not just with food! No wonder he fills his free time with eating and doing his own version of high intensity work-outs.

“Like you couldn’t order them for yourself in your room!” I roll my eyes.

“Seconds would have been nice! Or in my case today, thirds…” he quips and hops to sit on the bar, where my Sookie was sitting a little while ago.

My Sookie!

“What are you? Peregrin Took?”

“Oh ha ha! Just because you are a giant doesn’t mean everybody else is a hobbit!” he smirks, pulling out his laptop and firing it up.

Godric and I are closet nerds and frequently find ourselves in endless discussions/arguments over our favorite book or comic or movie characters from Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, or our favorite super heroes, or even alien sightings. The mutual love for everything fantasy and sci fi was the starting point of our friendship, which has grown gradually since the two years he has worked for me. But this side comes out only in private, and when it does, we are just short of dressing up like Frodo and Gandalf, or Batman and Robin and driving off to Comic con!

“Coming back to business,” he bustles along, “I have done an online check-in for your flight tonight. Let me send you the e-boarding pass…You have your travel clothes right here and I will bring your luggage with your formals to the airport. Make sure to reach by 6.”

“Wait what? I am flying tonight? Wasn’t I supposed to travel tomorrow morning?”

“I told you last week, you have that dinner meeting with the Chinese CFO, before you talk to them officially on Monday, and that I’d be preponing your flight. You need to fly tonight to make that meeting.”

Fuck! I completely forgot!”

Godric looks at me, blankly, for two seconds.

“What?” he states, “You? Forgot about a work meeting?” he looks me up and down and narrows his eyes, as if he caught something he hadn’t noticed before.

“You forgot a meeting. You haven’t touched your coffee. Something’s up with you. What’s going on?”

So not only does he drop by at the worst possible time, he has also decided to pick the worst possible time to show his perceptive side!

“Nothing!” I shrug.

Godric raises a skeptical eyebrow, clearly seeing right through my slim pretense.

“I said it’s nothing!” I insist.

Aaannd Sookie picks that exact moment to make an appearance and brighten up our day!

She walks into the room, still in my shirt, with a slender ribbon like belt clinching the fabric on her waist, wearing her high heels, her hair in a mass of loose curls around her angelic face and not a smidgen of makeup. Not that I didn’t love her when her face was smeared with yesterday’s makeup and her hair looked like messed up sex hair, but now, with the perfect backlighting from the sun on her body, she looks devastatingly beautiful!

Godric clears his throat, theatrically, to get my attention and I realize that my mouth is hanging open.

I quickly snap it shut!

I also note that my assistant is looking at my girl with a little too much interest for my comfort.

“You could have told me you had company Eric. I could have come later!” Godric grins, still looking at her.

I cross over to Sookie, tucking her securely under my arm.

“No worries… Sookie, this is Godric, my assistant and occasional life saver. And Godric, this is Sookie Stackhouse, my… umm…”

Oh Hell! What do I call her?

If I call her my girlfriend, and I really want to call her that, would Sookie think I was being too high handed in declaring the title we haven’t discussed yet?

On the other hand, if I don’t call her mine, she might again think I was trying to hide her or something.

I can’t call her my future lover. Not to Godric! He would never let me live it down! That is if Sookie ever let me live it down!

I seriously wish I had had this talk with Sookie.

“Ummm my…”


I look at her and she meets my eyes, that lovely smile gone from her face.


Girlfriend?” I blurt out to her. More like, ask her desperately.

Girlfriend…” The corners of her mouth perk up a little as she repeats the word in a low whisper, as if tasting the word on her tongue.

Then she smiles again. And it feels like she lit up my whole world with her smile alone!

Godric shakes us out of our moment. Fucking again. And clears his throat dramatically, “Well I’ll just live forever, so you guys can take whatever time you need to come up with your relationship status!”

“Shut up Godric!” I say, without taking my eyes off Sookie, without any kind of inflection in my voice.

She gives me a small nod and that is all the permission I need.

I turn to look at my cock-blocking assistant and start over.

“Godric, this is Sookie Stackhouse, my girlfriend.” I declare and tighten my hold over my girl as I call her that.

Calling her that, felt better than I thought it would.

Girl friend? Hmmmm” he repeats, saying it smugly like it’s some fancy new sex position he just tried, “Hi there, Sookie Stackhouse, the girl friend!” Godric says, waggling his eyebrows, completely ignoring the warning looks I am giving him, “I trust you have been having a very good morning? Explaining why my boss doesn’t need coffee right now!”

“Why yes I am having a very good morning. Thank you for asking. I trust your morning is going as well as mine, Godric.” Sookie smiles in a friendly effeminate way, completely ignoring the jibe, “Nice to meet you. How are you doing?” she asks as she puts her hand out for a shake.

Godric’s eyes go wide for a moment and I have no doubt that his brains short-circuited from the sheer amount of good-manners Sookie threw into her three sentences.

He straightens up from his slouch, jumps down from his perch over the bar, and comes over, this time looking at her in a completely different way.

“Doing good Miss Stackhouse.” He smiles and shakes her hand, holding on to it for only the polite amount of time. And yes I counted the fucking seconds he held her hand.

“Have you had breakfast yet Godric?” Sookie asks sweetly.

Godric gives her wide appreciative smile and shakes his head in a no.

“That won’t do now, would it?” Sookie says and goes over to the phone to call for room service.

My fool assistant gives me a shit eating grin and a thumbs-up before going across the sitting room, following Sookie like a damned puppy!

She’ll have him wrapped around her little finger in no time! I just know it!

Godric leans close to her ear and conspiratorially whispers something as he winks at me. Sookie giggles like a little girl at whatever he said.

Cock-blocking over-efficient hungrier-than-an-ogre fucking orc of Mordor…

“Eric?” her voice breaks me out of my jealousy induced bloodthirsty diatribe, “come over here. Do you want some more breakfast?”

Her crisp blue eyes and angelic smile make my oncoming bad mood disappear in a New York second. I don’t even notice when I start walking towards her as I shake my head in a no.

So maybe she has me wrapped around her finger too. But then again, who the hell is complaining?


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    • Hey thanks,,the pajama thing is quite an idea :)…I guess I was quick to praise the internet coz right before reading your comment I was trying to comment on your latest TB fixing along with the new chapter for GD and the effing troll of mordor is timing out the request :(…I’ll keep trying I guess . I loved that fixing 🙂


      • If you can find Eric some footie pajamas in his size do it!!!! Definitely one with a butt flap… I’m kind of enamored with Jason and his super action hero adult pyjamas on TB… can’t remember what they were from but I loved them… WP has been acting up with me for a while now because I changed the designated email, I constantly have to tinker with the posts to get them to show up in the reader, but I saw the ‘like’ although it showed up twice so I assume you’re incessantly clicking at buttons 😉 I’ll go find another Bill to sacrifice… I know… Sookie can throw Jar-O-Bill down another garbage disposal 😀


    • I guess the sacrifices worked because A. I am in India and everything goes with some ritual and B. Internet at my home is working fine since yesterday and there have been no power cuts 🙂

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  2. I had to hunt around for this story since no picture to click showed up with your post…ok, so I just had to come here and hover over the story title, but still. It shows how dedicated I am to this wonderful story. LOL 🙂 I love how you can make it so hot and so funny at the same time. Eric doing differential equations in his head and nerding out over LOR and superheroes kind of makes me love him so much more. I love a hot nerd! I absolutely love Godric and all the fun clever vampire allusions you made. I love that he eats a ton and shakes his head when Sookie asks if he already ate.
    Your trip must be going well if you were inspired to write this piece of hot comedy! 😉


    • Oh I got the post right after a lot of tries. Sorry about the image if that wasn’t working 😦 And great that you found it because in my immense impatience to post, I didn’t check whether the image was working or not nor did I add the next link on the previous chapter.

      Yeah so differential equations are one thing that can kill any sorta romance 🙂 I know! I wanted to bring another side to these two (E and G) apart from the usual and then decided that since my best friends are the people I can be a nerd with, I’ll put in that angle. Glad that you liked 🙂 And you are seriously awesome that you noticed the vampire references 🙂

      The trip is going good. I can certify that I am now definitely over the TB fiasco. Which is good for writing…


  3. I absolutely love this story! It’s amazing, I read it while it was on then as soon as I found out you moved it over, I had to carry on!


  4. Did he call her Angel in the heat of the moment there? I hope she takes it as a pet name and not as him being too wrapped up in an old fantasy. Anxiously awaiting your next update!


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