Chapter 11


“Mmmm half asleep I see. What are you wearing lover?”

Holy Shit! 


He humms in response. I clear my dry throat before responding. “What time is it?”

Sookie time!

“No it’s not!” I laugh at his attempt at a childish sing song voice, “It’s sleepy time. My boss worked me to a near coma today.”

No I did not,” he gasps indignantly, though I can hear him grinning as well, ” You were kicking ass in the meeting. By the way, Merlotte didn’t tell me he had Hermione Granger stashed away in his team.”

“Granger huh? Lemme tell you sumthin mister…Flattery won’t take you nowhere with me.” I sass back in my best Southern accent…

“Not even up to first base? C’mon Angel give me something!” he practically purrs the second sentence. I know now what he’s usually thinking when he calls me Angel.

“Begging are we? Exactly how bad is your day going?”

“Not that bad. It could have been better though. I just needed the afternoon off because of jet lag. I’m at the hotel now and still can’t sleep.” he sighs.

“Where’s Godric?”

“Running errands.”

“So you are all alone?”



“Soooo… what are you wearing Mr Northman?” I grin.



“You’re joking!”

“Am I lover? I can prove it…Do you happen to have skype?”

“Why, so you can show me nekkid pictures?” I snicker.

Of course not! I have email for the pictures…Skype is for showing you dirty movies!” he snickers back.

“Yeah? And I’m sure you already know my skype id too.” I roll my eyes though he can’t see me, “Gimme a minute.”

I pull my laptop from the night stand and fire it up. I start skype and shocker, I already have a chat invite from some ‘Eric Northman’ fella! Someday I’m going to ream him for e-stalking me. However, for now, I pile another pillow behind my back and lean up, half sitting, as I click on to accept the invite, laptop in my lap and knees bent so that I can easily watch the screen. It darkens and then lights up, bringing Eric onto my screen, lounging on his side, propped on his elbow and using the other hand to adjust the settings. His hair is wet. He is not wearing a shirt. Or anything till the golden trail of fuzz under his belly after which I can’t see.

I discreetly click the little camera on screen and capture the glorious image as is.

“There you are.” I touch the screen as if I could touch him and end the call on my phone, putting my laptop on full volume instead for the chat.

“So was I joking?” he cocks an eyebrow and looks entirely too happy with himself, no trace of jet lag showing on his pretty face!

“I can’t see all of you.”

“You’ll have to earn it! Right now, I can’t see none of you.”

“You can see my pretty face.” I smile sweetly and bat my eyes, “Whatever more would you want?”

“I would want that ‘o’ face you were making on chat.” he smirks, “Or did you want to flash your boobies instead?” he waggles his eyebrows in a way that just makes me laugh even if my lady bits are groaning.

Geez! How old are you?””

“Don’t be a spoiled sport Stackhouse! C’mon off goes the…” he peers in the camera, “extreamly sexy burlap sack you’re wearing

“It’s a perfectly good sweatshirt! One size too big for comfort, aged and washed a million times to perfection…”

He just cocks an eyebrow and stares at me.

“Ok so maybe the color is a little faded…” I sit up and place the laptop in front of me. I start tugging at the corners of my shirt, “But it is so soft and feels like heaven!” I sigh.

I run my hands from my waste towards my breasts, over the shirt, and cup myself, “Hmmmm…sooo soft!” I squeeze my breasts and close my eyes for a second.

I hear a sharp breath from Eric and smile inwardly.

“Sookie…” he whispers, “What are you doing?”

I open my eyes and give him a look.

“Well…My boyfriend is out of town. I had a stressful day. What do you think I am doing?” I whisper back and lightly fondle my breasts from over the shirt.

I slowly trace one hand down and lift my shirt at the side, exposing half my belly, as I come to kneel on my knees and show him what I am wearing under the shirt.

Thank god it is a thong and not granny panties!

Eric sits up straight, posture stiff and the hand I can see, curls into a fist. He is looking me over, eyes wide, cheeks flushed, breathing shallow.

Oh Game and Set Stackhouse!

“Those…panties should not be legal!” he growls when he sees my barely-there lace thong.

“I am new Mr. Northman” I pout, “I didn’t know thongs weren’t part of the dress code.”

“No they are not!” Ooooh bossy Eric is back! “You have been a naughty little girl Miss Stackhouse; Wearing a flimsy thong to work and then acting so prim and proper all day. Take it off right now!

Oh Shit!

I don’t know what monster I just awoke. I’ve never role played like this. I’ve never video chatted like this. His words should be insulting but I know he is just taking my little game to the next level. And it is turning me on.

“Oh yeah?” I tilt my head to the side, “You can’t make me. I will sue ya’ for talking nasty mister…”

Eric’s eyes positively glitter as he narrows them at me. He smirks and eases himself to lie back on his elbows.

“Oh no you won’t…” he purrs.

“Why won’t I?”

“Because Miss Stackhouse…” he tilts his screen with a finger, gradually shifting the angle of the camera, stopping just when I see where his other hand is, “You want me to talk nasty to you.”

My heart skips a beat and my mouth goes suddenly dry. I won’t consider myself a pro at sex talk, but I was doing mighty well, before I saw him. All of him! And holy mother of God what a sight that is!

Eric holds his growing erection at the base and slowly brings his large hand to the top, going back down again just as slowly.

“You want me to lock you in my office and order you to take off every piece of offensive clothing you wear while I sit at my desk and watch.”

Shit! Sookie? Stackhouse? Say something! Don’t gape at him like a landed fish!

But holy hell the accent…the ripples of his abs…and that ‘v’…which leads to…


“Yes?” I whisper, so low that I doubt he heard it.

“Take off the shirt.” he whispers back.

My hands go to the corners of the sweatshirt and lift it up before I even know I am actually doing this. Inch by inch, I raise it to my head and then pull it off. My nipples are pinched tight. My breasts must be swaying a little by how hard I am breathing. I am completely exposed to his gaze, except the thong of course, that doesn’t cover much. I should feel shy. But all I can feel is want. And need.

Fuck Sookie you are so beautiful! I want to bite those!” Eric groans.

“I want you to bite them too” I breath out, cupping my breasts and caressing them, imagining Eric’s hands on me.

“Yesss…Just like that…Now squeeze them like you want me to.”

I do as he says and moan in pleasure as I squeeze my breasts and pull at my sensitive nipples. Eric starts stroking himself again. My eyes are stuck on his impressive erection. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at him.

“Suck a finger in your mouth Angel and wet those pink nipples.”

I do as he says. It feels amazing.

All at once, I get this acute feeling that Eric is thousands of miles away from me when I’d rather he were here, fondling and licking me, while I stroked him. And kissed him. Pleasured him till he came undone. And then held him against my bare skin.

“I wish that was my hand Eric. I wish you were in my mouth.” I say, looking at his hand stroking himself, “I want to touch you so bad!”

Eric clenches his jaw and pauses mid stroke.

“Don’t stop.” I whisper.

“I want to touch you too…” he says, voice thick with lust, “To taste you again…I still remember your sweet taste as you came for me Sookie. I could never forget.”

Holy Fucking Hell!

My insides are clenching with just his words and eyes on me. I think now, that if he ever locked us in his office and ordered me to strip, I would strip. If this is how he asks!

“You were like a drug to me.” he says, in the same breathy whispers, “Tasted heavenly all over…” he licks his dry lips and swallows, “Just spread out in front of me like that….”

“Eric…” is the only word I manage to say.

“Take off your panties Sookie.”

I let go off my breasts and trail my hands down my sides till they reach the thin side straps of my thong. I hook my thumbs in them and inch by inch, peeled them off. I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t Eric talking me into it on the screen. I couldn’t have done this for anyone else.

“Now touch yourself as you want me to touch you.”

I dip a finger to my core and breath a sigh of relief at the contact.

“I am so wet for you Eric.”

“How does it feel?”

“Feels sooo good…”

I start circling my clit with two fingers and watch Eric pleasure himself and watch me while he does it. His eyes are so dark with lust.

“What do you want to do to me Eric?”

“I want my cock to be where your fingers are right now.” his hand quickens and my heart skips more beats.

This whole ‘conversation‘ feels so out of my usual plain of existence. I have done this to myself before. But never in front of another and never while talking like this. I half lie down too, getting a better angle this way.

He talks me into dipping my fingers further inside myself. Use both hands. Plunge and pinch and curl. Till I am panting. I part my legs and he stares at my fingers as he speeds up his strokes. There is a slight sheen of sweat on his face and chest. I want to lick it. I want to do so many things to him right now.

“Fuck!” he hisses, “I am getting close…”

“Me too baby…and I am so…so hot... that I am sweating all over.”

“Sook…Sookieee” he starts to say…

My legs jerk involuntarily as a wave of euphoria washes over me and I moan his name out loud and shut my eyes.

“That was…”

My eyes snap open as Eric gasps. His stomach muscles clench. His mouth half opens in a silent moan. His hand curls into a fist as he quickly pulls a few tissues out of a box I can’t see and comes as well. God! The sight of this man in throes of pleasure has me tingling again.

“That was, my Sookie…” his head hits the bed and a dopey grin appears on his face, “fucking awesome!”

I chuckle as I catch my breath and lie down too.

“Good day Mr. Northman?”

He chuckles too.

“Good day indeed Miss Stackhouse. And let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank your brilliant and ground breaking efforts towards the benefit of this company and it’s unworthy owner. You are-”

“ERIC!” I yell and cut him off…




















26 thoughts on “Chapter 11

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  2. Damn!!! Oh, he needs to come back from this trip immediately or send for her. As hot as that was it can only be hotter when Bossy Eric is in the same room with her!


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  4. Ha ha, sexy Skype calls are the best! When Eric gets back, I can just imagine all the fun they will have sneaking around at work. 🙂


  5. I’m a programmer so I have had that happen to me. Bill reminds me of my entire group, we had a project and they did nothing, I wrote the entire code so when something went slightly wrong it was all MY fault but when it worked it was a GROUP effort.
    I wanted to kill them and take all the credit but it was my word against 3 other girls. It just sucked since I tried to teach them so they could help but they didn’t even show up to the meetings so I just ended up doing it myself so I wouldn’t miss the deadline.
    Great chapter! I look forward to more Eric/Sookie


    • From one programmer to another, I know how you feel, like from the first person point of view too. I coded a whole complex module solo and then everyone came to join the party after it was done and delivered. Can you believe I still got an intermediate score in my appraisal. The reason my team lead came up with was that “I concentrated on just one module and did not take the initiative to get comfortable with the other parts of the product!” My friend who got the credit was promoted because she was one year my senior. I quit that effing job in ten days! But stuff like this never stops.

      Thank you so much for the words of encouragement 🙂 … I am glad you are liking this story.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I know I read most of this before but I wanted to go back and re-read everything. So glad I did because I missed chapters 8,9&10. So now thats done I hope the next chapter is close to being done!

    In the beginning I really thought that Sophie was going to be Pam’s mom. I guess that’s still a possibility but now I’m not too sure. Can’t wait to see what comes next! And hopefully some more Eric POV. 😀

    Oh by the way there is no link on chapter 8 to go to chapter 9.


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