SVM/True Blood Fanfiction Short Stories

1. Return of the Viking


TB S7 E4. Sookie confronts Eric about his seeming lack of hope for surviving and convinces him to snap out of his funk and work with her to find a cure. Meanwhile, the troubles of the town of Bon Temps are still not over and someone has to step up to do something about it. Who does? And since I am a typical Eric fan, of course I snuck in some fun at Bill Compton’s expense towards the end!


Status- Complete

Category- True Blood Fanfiction


2. Flappy Fairy Intervention

TB S7. Crack Fic. Happens around the time when Sookie looses her mind, the show looses it’s marbles, and my TV nearly lost it’s remote control. Sookie finds she gave Bill HepV (Karma!) and runs to his house like she always God Damn does. What if Eric came to see her that night and saw her running towards Bill?

Warnings –

  • Don’t read if you love Bill. Or even Sookie for that matter.
  • Slash and blood spilling
  • Extreme vapid, vacuous, idiocy from a certain previously loved protagonist.
  • Don’t kill me after reading.

Rated- K+

Status- Complete

Category- SVM/TB fanfiction


3. Ghost of the Bayou


One Shot written for Kittyinaz’s January Writing Challenge. A piece to match a picture of a girl with a lantern in the dark.

With Godric as his mentor, Eric is a paranormal researcher/hunter. Sookie is someone who needs help of the supernatural kind. With ghosts to light his way, nothing much stands in the way, or so it seems. AU/OOC

Rated- T

Status- Complete

Category- SVM/TB fanfiction

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