Harry Potter Fanfiction

The Dragon-


Hermione Granger is on a mission and she will do everything to uncover the secrets of Draco Malfoy. Malfoy is going to cooperate whether he likes it or not. But the closer she gets to winning, the more she loses herself. Now the mission is not just a mission, Draco is not what he seems and all of Hermione’s forbidden teenage fantasies want to come out and play. [Dramione][PostWar]

This is my first foray into Harry Potter fanfiction. I decided to jump onto the Dramione ship because, Draco and Hermione are so explosive together. My fingers tingle at the potential here.

Rating-NC17 because of sexual situations.

Trigger Warning-cheating and bad mouthing.

Tags- Harry Potter AU

The Boy I Met in the Room of Requirement-


After a spoiled Yule Ball, Hermione badly requires something the Room of Requirement is quite happy to supply. Meanwhile, Tom Riddle is upto his ears in illegal dark magic that unknowingly draws his soulmate to him.[Tomione]. Teenaged Tom Riddle and Hermione. No time travel.

Rating- K

Trigger Warning- None

Tags- Harry Potter AU

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