Dead and alive – last chapter.

I started Dead and Alive with a plan of writing one or two chapters as a quick one shot and just reunite Sookie and Eric and feel all good and satisfied. When I actually started writing, I realized my size of issues with True Blood won’t fit into a one shot and I needed more chapter. Then one more. Then another. Add more characters to kill. And basically I just went on a merry ride with Eric and Sookie for years while life happened and the muse ran away.

But it circled back to me and I am so happy to say that I am finishing Dead and Alive today. It’s a longish chapter. I hope you guys like it and derive some measure of enjoyment from this story. I know the end could seem a little sudden but I am finishing it at a point where things are resolved for the main players. I am open to writing an epilogue if prodded. So if you have any ideas or requests on an epilogue or a loose thread, let me know and I’ll try doing it justice.

I love every one of my readers who stuck with me on this story. Stay happy and keep dreaming.  

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Dead and Alive Next Chapter

So I started reading Consequences by Aleatha Romig. Started like all decent psycho thrillers go with the heroine getting kidnapped and all. Then the story started developing…And I was like…


I haven’t finished it yet. Lemme tell you, it is one major trippy ride! God my head is aching from being wrung out like that…I haven’t hated a hero this much in, like, EVER…

Can you believe I put it down because I seriously needed a break from a book!!!!!?

No really. I took a break. I have things to do and stuff I can’t ignore any longer. Like cooking and eating and bathing and the like. Also I should have posted this chapter sooner but I was just being lazy like always (sorry for that BTW). Here’s the next chapter of Dead and Alive called ‘Mine to Possess’

Enjoy 🙂

And I’ll go back to mind trippin’…

Dead and Alive next chapter

I saw the trailor of the Legend of Tarzan. It just came up in the middle of another show I was watching.


So then I pulled the blinds, turned off the lights, switched on the Bose and played the 1080p version on my 55 inches screen. A few times. BECAUSE … …



Seriously people, anyone who hasn’t seen that awesomeness needs to get their fingers clicking and go watch it right now. 🙂

Oh yes and here’s the next chapter for Dead and Alive-

You gotta do whachtya gotta do!

So here i was, finished off a day’s work, thinking that I’ll complete the next chapters for both my stories Angels of the Night and Day and Dead and Alive, yesterday and make a single post of them. I typed away Dead and Alive and smugly decided to post the chapter on ff. Took a break of like ten minutes before finishing the Angels chapter and life was good….

So here I am, totally in control…




And in walks my manager, and asks if I have a minute for a quick meeting….Leads me to a meeting room and piles a sh**tload of more work on my head!

giphy (1)


Angels chapter had to be put on hold 😦 … …You gotta do watchya gotta do!!

I’ll try posting it as soon as…Meanwhile, here’s the next for Dead and Alive –


Moving Along :)

I am proud of myself that I didn’t take as long as the last time to complete this chapter and get the story moving. Some motivational dream might have helped along the inspiration for this particular part of the plot.


But I am not admitting to nothing!…Not on a public forum 🙂

Seriously, the lemons were a long time coming. I was almost as impatient as some of my fantastic readers who kept reminding me of Eric’s promise to Sookie in a previous chapter…

Gotta warn you though. My inner, well concealed, romantic escaped her prison and came out to play. I hope it wasn’t too much. Or too little…

Alright! Enough with the rambling and on with the chapter…Just click the link to get to it –

Dead And Alive – Chapter 18: I know

I’m still alive!

Hey there!

I don’t have a clue what happened but I certainly hit a creative/writers’ wall that I could not scale for the life of me…

I tried. In fact I am still trying to get over it. Meanwhile I built this blog page, little by little. It still took me a shameful amount of time to write the next chapter for my beloved story and even more time for my beloved muse to come back to haunt me…

Here’s the next chapter for Dead and Alive, a story set after True Blood S6. I hope I kept the mood and pace intact…I’d love your thoughts and suggestions, so please share :)…

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