Mortal Instruments Fanfiction: Secret Shadows

So Mortal Instruments. New fandom for me. I have read the books and quite a bit of fanfiction there is. Saw the movie and the TV series and developed a fascination with the TV Alec – Matthew Daddario. That boy is something else!

Anyways, so I was toying with this story idea for a bit now and today I finally decided to put it out there and see where this thing goes. I am trying a hand at writing a historical. It is actually fun when I can’t cuss in writing and have to come up with good words to express something instead.

Here we go then. The summary and first chapter of my new fanfiction “Secret Shadows”

Summary: What if the down-worlders ruled the world? What if the all powerful Fae, Vampires, Warlocks and Shifters made sure that the Half angel warriors, the Nephilim, were crushed and forgotten and relegated to myth by constantly hunting them down and killing them indiscriminately? In this world where most nephilim don’t know their true identities, there is a secret society of Warriors who still keep the knowledge of Angels alive and fights in secret, trying to keep their legacy alive.

In the town of Idris, somewhere in London, Clarissa Fairchild lives a sedate and mundane life with her proper law abiding parents, unaware of the fact that her strange but taboo fascination with the new history teacher Jace Herondale, is going to be her first step into a world she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams – a world of dangerous secrets, broken rules, unending war, mythical magic and all consuming love.

Rating: M ; AU

Do let me know if the idea holds intrigue and if you guys are interested in reading more of this story.

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Angels of the Night and Day: Last Chapter + Epilogue

Oh Wow!

Ok. This is the first story I am finishing and it’s a feet for me. Angels of the Night and Day was my first foray into writing fiction (ok fanfiction but so what!) and it might be a blip on the radar for bigger things to come but it means something and I will be shameless and blow my own trumpet over it 😀 😀


Click on the link below to get to the last chapter – Alive and then use the next button for the Epilogue



Dead and Alive Next Chapter

So I started reading Consequences by Aleatha Romig. Started like all decent psycho thrillers go with the heroine getting kidnapped and all. Then the story started developing…And I was like…


I haven’t finished it yet. Lemme tell you, it is one major trippy ride! God my head is aching from being wrung out like that…I haven’t hated a hero this much in, like, EVER…

Can you believe I put it down because I seriously needed a break from a book!!!!!?

No really. I took a break. I have things to do and stuff I can’t ignore any longer. Like cooking and eating and bathing and the like. Also I should have posted this chapter sooner but I was just being lazy like always (sorry for that BTW). Here’s the next chapter of Dead and Alive called ‘Mine to Possess’

Enjoy 🙂

And I’ll go back to mind trippin’…

Dead and Alive next chapter

I saw the trailor of the Legend of Tarzan. It just came up in the middle of another show I was watching.


So then I pulled the blinds, turned off the lights, switched on the Bose and played the 1080p version on my 55 inches screen. A few times. BECAUSE … …



Seriously people, anyone who hasn’t seen that awesomeness needs to get their fingers clicking and go watch it right now. 🙂

Oh yes and here’s the next chapter for Dead and Alive-