The Grave: Next chapter

Happy New Year. I hope this year all our ghosts of the past year are shooed away 🙂

Two things I have learnt about myself. One, I write for two minutes if I stop myself from reading fanfiction for two minutes. Two, I write better feminism during PMS.

I know I have dawdled with this chapter. I wrote, deleted rewrote. In the end I decided upon a chapter with the little things of life and those little things adding up to make Sookie’s life at the temple better than she had before. Having a steady job, earning your own money, cooking your own food, having people to talk to even if it is through the wall and the like. I hope I delivered the things I was trying to deliver. Comments and reviews are much appreciated 🙂 …

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2 thoughts on “The Grave: Next chapter

  1. I didn’t see the Comment box on this chapter so I’m leaving it here.
    So happy to see an update.
    Glad to see Sookie is settling in and like how the babe is letting their preferences known, and she is listening to them also.
    Glad Sam is in the friend zone for both her and the baby. And loved the conversation between the “walls”, lol.
    Fingers crossed a certain Viking is part of the meeting and they can talk to each other.


    • Hello mom2goalies
      I have fixed the lack of review box on the page issue. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      Aaaannnddd, I am so thankful that you are still reading my work. I am slow. I know. But hey, happy that you liked it and the walls talking and the zoning discussions 🙂 Happy New year….


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