Haircuts in the time of Coronavirus (and story updates)

Me: Spends half an hour cutting my husband’s longish step cut hair, going centimeter by centimeter, sweating bullets, this being my first time cutting hair.

Husband (after the haircut): Huh. Looks good. You saved me thirty five dollars. I’ll do something else with the money we earned. Lets get the daughter a new toy.

Husband runs off to order a remote control car toy from amazon. Matte black with skull and web drawings.

Car Arrives. Time is spent on wiping and disinfecting. Daughter doesn’t play with it as she is busy banging the dishes.

Husband: I’ll test out the features. See if it is safe for a toddler.

Me all day: Avoiding the zip zap zooming car around the house as I do chores and pick up the dishes my daughter is spreading around.

Life goes on…

The End


Yayyy…I found time to work on some stories. Here are the updates-



The Boy I met in the Room of Requirement – On popular demand (AO3 and FF), I am extending this one shot to a multi chapter extravaganza. The next chapter is called Integral Differentials. Click on the pretty banner to get to the chapter





Dead Or Alive – At last, I am finishing this story. The next chapter is The M Word. After this one, only one more chapter to go, maybe an epilogue, and then we are freeeee (of suspense) 😀






Enjoy! Do share some reviews. And stay safe….

4 thoughts on “Haircuts in the time of Coronavirus (and story updates)

  1. Love your life vignettes. My son in California sent me a couple of pictures of the grandsons last week. They both look like they are escapees from a commune with the long hair. I think their parents may be afraid to cut it. And your husband and that car, made me laugh.


    • 😀 Yes haircuts have been an issue with most families, which is why I shared my little story about it. And I won’t even touch my daughter’s hair because I am, sure she will squirm enough to cut my fingers.


  2. Such a great chapter for Dead or Alive, there is no way to review on the page itself. Thank you so much for writing and for deciding to finish your stories. It’s nice to hear about peoples lives in all this craziness and how the mundane always continues.


    • I am glad you liked it 🙂 I’ll see if I can fix the missing comment box issue. You know, this is exactly why I have taken to sharing little snippets. We are seeing all different kinds of challenges while on lockdown and finding normalcy where we can. I hope you are doing well…


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