Dead and Alive Next Chapter

So I started reading Consequences by Aleatha Romig. Started like all decent psycho thrillers go with the heroine getting kidnapped and all. Then the story started developing…And I was like…


I haven’t finished it yet. Lemme tell you, it is one major trippy ride! God my head is aching from being wrung out like that…I haven’t hated a hero this much in, like, EVER…

Can you believe I put it down because I seriously needed a break from a book!!!!!?

No really. I took a break. I have things to do and stuff I can’t ignore any longer. Like cooking and eating and bathing and the like. Also I should have posted this chapter sooner but I was just being lazy like always (sorry for that BTW). Here’s the next chapter of Dead and Alive called ‘Mine to Possess’

Enjoy 🙂

And I’ll go back to mind trippin’…


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