Dead and Alive next chapter

I saw the trailor of the Legend of Tarzan. It just came up in the middle of another show I was watching.


So then I pulled the blinds, turned off the lights, switched on the Bose and played the 1080p version on my 55 inches screen. A few times. BECAUSE … …



Seriously people, anyone who hasn’t seen that awesomeness needs to get their fingers clicking and go watch it right now. 🙂

Oh yes and here’s the next chapter for Dead and Alive-

Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures- Next chapter

No I have not forgotten how many stories I have that need updatin’ :). SO here goes the next one on this story. Click the chapter link to get to it. (The dean giffy is here because it was too funny to pass up 😀 not because it was really relevant)


Wow! How long has it been?

Almost a year…

I don’t even know how to start this post. I took a break from writing for a bit. It was inevitable at the time. Personal tragedies in the family, travelling and my good old mood swings all contributed to me being an ass to my readers!

In the interim, I blasted through my reading list. Can you believe I read almost two hundred books in the duration of last year and January and half of Feb of this year? SO I’d say, that time wasn’t completely wasted (I have quite the stash of book boyfriends now 😀 ). Even if I didn’t write anything. I love this phase and it is still going strong (my husband doesn’t like it as much as I do)!


Reading so much broke me away from my Charlaine Harris bad habits. My faith in the written word was restored. And I have started writing again. Sorry for being as clueless as I am though 😦 😦 😦 …

I want to cheer and applaud my friends in this space though. Kudos for continuing to write, captivate and entertain. I might suck as a writer, but I am a hell of a reader and I thank God for good writers everyday. You go writers! You’re rock stars!

So I have gotten ahead on my ongoing projects. Working on the last chapters of Angels of the Night and Day and Dead and Alive. I’ll post the chapters as soon I finish editing the drafts. It feels good though. Completing what I started. That’s how I’ll make way for the new WIPs right?

Angels of the Night and Day – Heart’s Prison

Dead and Alive – Pay It Forward


And now I’ll get back to work 🙂