Superhero Fiction Contest Entry

When I first read about Berti Bott’s Superhero contest, I was so effing excited. Ideas flowed like fountains in my head and the muse bathed in those fountains! I mean, what’s not inspiring about super hero’s right?

A month later, I still could not choose the superhero I wanted to write about, and absolutely no clue whatsoever about the companion story. So like the competitive person I am, I gave up thinking and let myself get excited about other things (Dinner, laundry, cleaning, folding clothes, you get the picture)

The night before the contest closed, I had a dream. And just like that, I knew what superhero I wanted to write about. I saw my school in this dream and so this story is set in my teenage awkward school years. A few things I took from true events but most of it is fictitious. Much superhero stuff that I have read is set in times when they are already full fledged world saving do gooders. So I wanted to steer away from the all-growed-up super awesome hot hero being and think about their growing up years too, sort of like what things were the triggers for them to become what they would later become.

I hope you like my take on this particular super awesome hot hero person 🙂 I didn’t win (big shocker!) but I loved writing this story. Bertie Bott made this awesome banner –

Superheroes are born at Science booths


Story Title- Superheroes are born at Science Booths

Summary- Clark Kent, aka Superman, is not Superman yet. He is in school, not sure about the extent of his abilities, oblivious to his true parentage and origin. What power he has, he hides. But he is not the only special kid around. Wait till the school faces a real danger and he discovers a secret his best friend is hiding. One Shot.

Status- Complete

Disclaimer– The plot- I imagined; the hero; I wish I could have; the franchisee- is not mine. Cheers!

Click the banner to get to the story…

The Time Has Come…

I participated 🙂 Yayyy … Do go check out all the entries! I haven’t read them all but what all I have read is awesome 🙂

Fanfiction by Bertie Bott

That’s right… The submissions for the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest have gone live and voting is open!

*cue the fan fair and music*

I want to give a huge thank you to all the participants. You all have blown me away with your stories and enthusiasm and it’s just a joy that you’re allowing me to share them with everyone. Truly.

Please remember to keep which entries may be yours a secret but absolutely promote yourself and the fact that you entered by sharing the participation banner below.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Superhero 2015 ParticipationHere’s the official lineup for this contest:

Voting polls are now located on the contest homepage as well as at the bottom of each entry – voting is allowed once a day. Feel free to leave comment/reviews on the submissions as these authors worked very hard on their entries and it absolutely shows! Voting will close at midnight PST on…

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