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attention wp writers

Attention WP writers, betas (and readers/enthusiasts). After much discussion on the state of our beloved TB/SVM fandom and some hints from readers here or there we feel there could be a better way to direct traffic away from ff. net, which with its creeps on PM, hateful guest reviews and random bigotry has left us all disenchanted and on occasion has stalled the motivation to write. We feel there should be one site that allows an easy overview of what the different WP writers have to offer as a better alternative to the dreaded ff. net and hopefully invigorate our slightly waning fandom. At the moment a lot of writers have a blog roll on their own page that will direct you to the different blogs, initiate spotlights or make recommendations but despite that for most readers transitioning from ff. net to WP it’s a difficult place to navigate and…

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  1. I have already started a site that does this, but for more than wordpress. The plan was to list links to writers stories on any site they move to. Be it wordpress, blogger, writers coffee shop, etc. But I need help finishing it and updating it. I thought I would have more time, but home schooling is taking more out of me than I thought it would and would only have time to work on it during summer break. I have a large list of stories, but I need some one to go to each and every writers page and see if they have a wordpress account, blogger account etc and put story link for each writer below the fanfiction one. Then I would need some one to collect links for wordpress stories that are not on fanfiction and put them in the right place. Then I would need someone to update with new stories. I just can’t do it all myself. Plus the site is ugly and I can’t figure out how to make it look nice. So if you could put out a shot out for helpers that would be great! If some one knows a more user friendly site for this, I am all ears. Bloggers website is a hazzle to use. Here is the site I have so far:


    • Hi 🙂 … Looking through your site. It seems to have a lot of detail and there would be a lot of work involved in individually putting each and every story of the fandom into a category and do the linking. We are planning something simpler, wherein each participating writer can have a page with their intro and stories. But I guess we can integrate this site too.


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