New Chapter: Heaven and Hell HOP

People of the Galaxy! Those of ye out there who read serious meaningful fiction, this chapter for you is not!

Nonetheless…Strong the force is with this one. Read young minds…For lemons you might want to appreciate…

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Dead and Alive…next chapter

It’s frikking 3:45 AM and I just realized I spent all night writing this thing.

And with the over confidence that comes with cola and chocolate spiked nerves, I am just posting it right now and not waiting till tomorrow morning to look over it again, and maybe tweak some parts.

Inspiration is a traitorous bitch! You grab it when it strikes and that’s what I did. With the following result. Click on the banner and read the next chapter for Dead and Alive 🙂




Dirty Dancing… next chapter

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

So….New year…same resolutions…with a few more added to the ever growing list…Meanwhile, here’s one of them  –


I wonder when I’ll start sticking to them however…Maybe I should start using some of this –


If only it worked somehow 😦

Anyways…Here’s the next chapter for Dirty Dancing…Hope you enjoy it….