One Lovely Blog Award

Ok so this was completely out of the blue…The awesome VictoryInTrouble was awesome enough to share this chain post thingy where in we recognize and praise each other 🙂 :)…She was kind enough to mention nominate my blog as a lovely blog, although I have no clue how I managed a mention despite my continued lazy dry no-writing spell. Like I said, VictoryInTrouble is awesome…

Whoever reads this do check out her stories on wordpress/fanfiction. I love all her stories and even the small chit chat in the reviews section…

So here are the rules –

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. You must list the rules.

3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.

4. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.











I am also supposed to write seven things about me. So this is that –

1. I am the laziest person I know.

2. I do my best work when I have been (a)ridiculed (b)belittled (c)failed once or twice (d)told that women can’t do something or the other…you get the picture.

3. Sarcasm and books are my best friends.

4. I am pathologically disinclined to carry out orders of any form (You can imagine my difficulties at the workplace)

5. When mad, I go for long walks (which sadly has had no affect on my fat situation)

6. I am a history buff. Can spend hours at/with museums, Renaissance art, ancient Roman/Greek sculptures, Egyptian paintings and glyphs and ancient Indian texts.

7. I love shopping (ha ha how creative!)


Nominating my favorite writers/blogs is tough because there are a lot, but they needed a list and they’ll get one (not in any particular order)…

California Kat –

VictoryInTrouble –

Hisviks –

Kjwrit Fanfiction –

Eys –

Sophie Mist –

Queen of Area Five –

Kittyinaz –

Gyllene –

Magsmacdonald –

EricIzMine –

Eric and Sookie Lovers –

MsBuffy –

MistressJessica1028 –

Dirty Lemons –

I am sure all of you know of these blogs and if not, do go over and have a look…I seriously wanted to add a lot more 😦

Until the next time I slash the mirk of stagnation and write something…





11 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks for the shout out! VictoryInTrouble nominated me along with you and for some reason I found it appropriate to write and post my 7 facts at 4 am last night during a bout of insomnia. I’m slightly questioning the sanity of that in the cold harsh day of light but what’s done is done…

    I share your unusual dichotomy of laziness and forcing myself into action when presumed or told I can’t do something for the sheer joy of proving someone wrong. Anger gets me working/motivated like no other and I hate that it works so effectively with me, which gets me even angrier and working even harder… but hey it explains why I write TB/SVM fanfiction 😉 Thanks for sharing, it was nice getting to know more about you.


    • 😀 Good to know you too…

      Yeah I know about the insomnia. Believe me, I was alternating between reading Divergent and playing candy crush saga the whole last night, till about 4:15 AM today. BTW, have you ever found a way to circumnavigate the laze-attacks?

      This chain mail/post is proving to be a great way to know yáll great writers….


      • In my lethargic teenage days I discovered snacking only makes the laze attacks worse… Doing some menial labour works to an extent, like baking, though eating of said baked goods reverts you back to square one. When all else fails a good fight snaps you right out of it though I tend to avoid them at all costs especially in a lazy spell. Secretely I quite like being in it so there’s little motivation to get out of it, I only feel guilty about it afterwards. Discipline works for me too, I spend an hour dedicated to writing/editing each day, used to do weekends too but now I like the prospect of a break. I deal with demanding clients everyday so for me writing is a nice escape where I do exactly what I want though now I have to deal with demanding reviewers…


  2. I’m glad you participated! I love your stories even if they come slowly! Though maybe I should criticize you in hopes that you will prove me wrong and write some more! 😝 I love your number 4. Unfortunately I am a rule follower mostly…well…not everywhere…but in my heart I am a rebel! In fact, I think I shock people a lot when they really get to know me.
    Now… you…ok, I was trying to think of an insult to motivate you but I’m just not capable of the cruelty. I’m a lover not an insulter. 😉


    • Thanks 🙂 You really are very sweet :). It reflects in your writing as well. This is why I love reading your work because you infuse your characters with lots of love, tenderness and care. Anyhow, for purely motivational reasons, you are welcome to critique/be rude to me anytime because I know you will prefix and postfix it with Viking hugs and kisses which I am always looking out for ( accept it, you can’t help that 🙂 )


      • Aw thanks!! *bats eyelashes* I try to be sweet. Here we go ready? I’m going to be mean to you. I can’t believe it’s been so long since you updated the pregnant fairy Sookie story! I bet you can’t even write another chapter of that intriguing beautifully imagined story… Good? I love ya!! 😉


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