New Chapter for House of Pleasures

First, lets work up some tingles………


There’s no witty remark here to go with the gif. I stuck it here because it’s pretty and I like to look at it. Also it’s Two freakin AM here in California and I am still up because I had to run some middle of the night data scripts for work and my eyes are burning, and Askars is the best eye tonic.

I managed to write another chapter for Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures though and I am posting it. Please excuse me for any mistakes you could find because as I said before, I was doing my work-work on the side. I hope you enjoy. And yes, I have successfully managed to not rant about TB in this one 🙂

Just for fun, I have added a song with each chapter of this story. The song would be the one that I most listened to while writing that piece.

Click on the pretty picture to get to the chapter…


3 thoughts on “New Chapter for House of Pleasures

  1. Please Please Please Finish House Of Pleasures.. Don’t Leave Us Hangin Like Those True Blood Dopes, I Mean What were Trying To Ruin Alexanders Skarsgard For ife ? Trying To Make A Weak Bumbling Geek Out Of him At The End,,, The Ginger Crap ? Please


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