Truly Bloody Painful!

Say What…New season of True Blood acommin’…

Went patiently through all spoilers, posters, previews, interviews, trailers, episode 1, episode 2… all shit in between…



And… … SHOCKER!!!!! Sookie is still dumb…Bill is still a douch…Sookie and Bill luurrve each other…Alcide still hasn’t figured out the acting part of his role, or the heart of his girlfriend…Sam is useless…Writers are clueless…There are hundred million new citizens in Bon temps (but atleast they seem to be having fun!)…

200 (1)


But hey y’all…We got two minutes of Eric in episode 2. Two minutes…where in he came, removed his shirt, kissed Jason and scorched our angst away, making us blissfully forget the direction the show is clearly taking… Yeah!  Apparently that’s all it takes! That’s Eric Northman for you!




But then True Blood just had to rain in our parade and make us pay dearly for that one opening shot! The rest of the episode was an eye-bleed inducing, brain-numbing, horrific crap fest, ending in shot of Hep-V infected Eric! Hear me out people….



But after the shitty end to my Sundays, this is what I come to on Monday mornings and all goes well in this fan’s world again 🙂  … (Shhhh..thats an actual pic from my desk)




Seeing Eric did bring the mojo back 🙂 …I’ll try to work it like Lafayette :)…Here’s the much much delayed next chapter from Dead and Alive…





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