SVM/TB Fanfiction story: Heaven and Hell House of Pleasures





So, I finally gathered enough courage to post this baby here.

It’s about a bored couple on tenterhooks…A curious girl out for some fun…Meddlesome friends…..

A love story full of fluff, fun, drama and our usual suspects…

Short summary– Eric and Sookie meet and part in an unconventional, not-so-innocent way. Years later, their paths cross once more and trouble ensues again…Click the picture to enter story.


CONTENT WARNING – Strictly M for mature content. Content suitable only for adults ages 18 and up.

DISCLAIMER – All characters belong to Charlaine Harris/HBO.


My entry from Seph’s Writing Challenge

First of all, I’d like to congratulate all the wonderful writers out there who have won in the Who Wants Blood Awards and Seph’s Writing Challenge.



Seriously guys, y’all are awesome 🙂 🙂

So between cursing HBO for an MIA Eric Northman and hopelessly pining for an official glimpse of the Mighty Viking in TB S7, there’s just fanfiction that’s been my best friend. Thank God for that!

This was my entry for Seph’s Writing Challenge – The grave

A huge thanks to the people who voted for my story on the challenge as well as for those who nominated me for the New Kid on the Block award. I didn’t win but I voted for those who did and they are some amazing writers. I hope this fandom continues even after the show and the book series have ended.

Thank you for sharing your views on my story and for encouraging me to continue it…