Moving Along :)

I am proud of myself that I didn’t take as long as the last time to complete this chapter and get the story moving. Some motivational dream might have helped along the inspiration for this particular part of the plot.


But I am not admitting to nothing!…Not on a public forum :)

Seriously, the lemons were a long time coming. I was almost as impatient as some of my fantastic readers who kept reminding me of Eric’s promise to Sookie in a previous chapter…

Gotta warn you though. My inner, well concealed, romantic escaped her prison and came out to play. I hope it wasn’t too much. Or too little…

Alright! Enough with the rambling and on with the chapter…Just click the link to get to it -

Dead And Alive – Chapter 18: I know

I’m still alive!

Hey there!

I don’t have a clue what happened but I certainly hit a creative/writers’ wall that I could not scale for the life of me…

I tried. In fact I am still trying to get over it. Meanwhile I built this blog page, little by little. It still took me a shameful amount of time to write the next chapter for my beloved story and even more time for my beloved muse to come back to haunt me…

Here’s the next chapter for Dead and Alive, a story set after True Blood S6. I hope I kept the mood and pace intact…I’d love your thoughts and suggestions, so please share :)…

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TB Fanfiction Story: Dead and Alive


Post True Blood season 6, Sookie has the life she always thought was best for herself. However, what we think we want and what we actually want can be completely different from what we need. Will she ever find courage to rise above the ordinary and find something extraordinary? Is there a cure for apathy? Do we control our fate or does life just dish out stuff at random?

This is the result of my obsessive musing over everything SVM. Sadly, I own nothing. All characters belong to Charlain Harris and HBO.

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SVM Fanfiction Story: Angels of the Night and Day



After thousand years as a vampire, a secret from Eric’s human life will turn his life upside down. Sookie will find her true purpose of life on the way to true love. A story about finding love, friendship, heartbreak, sacrifice and the spectacular journey of soul mates divided by time and destiny.

This is the result of my obsessive musing over everything SVM. Sadly, I own nothing. All characters belong to Charlaine Harris/HBO.

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